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18 million people in America suffer from clinical depression. 12 million will never seek treatment. 5.4 million will develop a substance abuse problem. 720,000 will turn to self-injury (cutting, burning, etc.). 2,880 will successfully commit suicide. 55% of which are under the age of 25. These numbers are expected to increase by 60% by the year 2020.

100% of them can be saved.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining the Open Arms/Open Hearts campaign and stand up to depression and suicide. You could save a life.

I'm part of a non-profit program that spreads information on suicide awareness and prevention. I've been working on a campaign for quite some time and I've finally got the pieces together and it's time to start looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping the movement, please comment here or email/call/text me for more information. It only takes one person to touch the hearts of many. You could save a life.
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