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steve poling
Poet in several computer languages. I write stories about Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft, steampunk, & SF.
Poet in several computer languages. I write stories about Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft, steampunk, & SF.

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Have you looked at the DIYBookScanner project and its software like ScanTailor? Many of the considerations you discuss here sound very familiar. (But my memories grow foggy with time and it has been years since I frequented the DIYBookScanner site, so I could be all wet.)

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A Most Readable Anthology
First, a wee disclosure. My review of Martin Shoemaker's story Unrefined may be colored by our friendship and mutual admiration of Indian food. That said, I found WotF v31 an enjoyable anthology of SF stories. More enjoyable than other SF anthologies I've r...

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The Unfinished Symphony
"Steve, you have GOT to see X," my friend said. He didn't say X, he said, "Battle Star Galactica." and later he said, "Lost" instead of X. Battle Star Galactica was on a channel that my cable company didn't carry. So, he could tease me with what I was missi...

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Quarter Share
I've been reading a lot of SF lately. And this has included a lot of Libertarian military SF where aliens and space marines are duking it out in huge battles and such. And since it is Libertarian the villains are often as not venal guys such as you'll find ...

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Patriots Day
One of my more vivid memories of the post-Vietnam era was the angry cries of those who had recently given aid and comfort to our enemies during a time of "cold" war. They said, "How dare you question my patriotism." It became commonly repeated refrain, and ...

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On Asymmetrical Conflict
Very few conflicts take place between identical twins. Often the adversaries are mismatched in any of a number of ways. For instance, imagine a basketball team of short, suburban girls who go up against another team of tall, inner-city girls. Malcolm Gladwe...

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The Art of Illiterates
After Labor Day in Grand Rapids, MI the "next big thing" is ArtPrize . I've commented on it before. This usually gets me thinking about art qua art. (And saying hifalutin words like "qua.") My wife remarked at breakfast this morning that one of the profs (w...

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Get On The Train
I had lunch with one of my more successful friends who spoke of writing and what editors look for. He related that you want to get readers INTO the story and keep them there. There is a real sense that reading transports the reader from where they are to wh...

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Hire the Morally Handicapped
A long time ago, as a student at a Baptist college , I was on a Christian service assignment that took me to a hotbed of liberalism, homosexuality, and recreational drug commerce . There I saw a bumper sticker, "Hire the Morally Handicapped," and I've been ...

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Don't Sell Your Soul
I tried to ignore this story about a guy complaining about his father who is a "right wing a-hole." Depending upon the day and my mood, I can fit or be made to fit into this pigeonhole. And when I have participated in such conversations, it's generally been...
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