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Hobart - in which I have a birthday and a holiday, all at the same time

Day 0 – Friday, 22nd July One lesson from this trip to Tasmania; a good holiday starts one day before it starts. In the past I’ve taken taxis or trains to the airport on the day of my flight all the way from Western Sydney. This adds about an hour and a…

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Dare to be Blue - in which my hair changes shades for a good cause #leukaemiafoundation

This year I took part in the #worldsgreatestshave except minus the shaving. I promised to colour my hair blue for a month, and until April 11th I’ll be maintaining my current locks. I raised $1,189 at the time of this writing, just shy of a LEET $1,337…

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Long Time between Drinks - in which I apologize and make excuses, ... also, mourn.

Presenting… It has been a long time since my last post. I have not much for an excuse other than being busy at work. I foolishly volunteered to do a 45 minute presentation slot at DevCamp which was held this past 17th – 19th in Terrigal at a hotel. It is…

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I’m going to give separating the more techy-businessy content from my blog another try. I hear good things about Medium and my employer is going to start a tech-blog on it as well, so this seems as good a time as any to plunge into the depths. My Medium…

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Modest XMAS List - in which I ask for a few simple items... how hard can it be?

Dear Santa, I know I am a little late with my list this year, so I hope these wishes do not give you too much trouble in the busy lead-up to the day. Firefly – Season 2 through 4, preferably on BluRay A Reddish Green T-Shirt Paul Erdős’ annotated proof…

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YOW Conference - #yow15 - in which a range of thoughts are provoked.

I had not been to YOW before myself. In my previous job I had sent my team there though; the timing works out perfectly for a business that tends to be quiet over Christmas and the new year. I had been to TechEd before, and that was the closest benchmark…

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Feedback is Fun - in which I break all the Manager Tools rules and give feedback up the chain. And it was amazing.

Feedback was the most exciting part of the day for me today. It was in a meeting and everything, so what could be better?! If you detect sarcasm there, oddly… you’d be wrong. Our 12 person leadership team was doing an exercise with a 9-Box Model and our…

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#PAXAUS - Day 3 - in which Tycho is the devil on my shoulder egging me on.

I’m not sure what it is about conferences. They make me… want to do things. Organise, lobby, create. Today I feel like I wish I could enhance PAX and level it up into it’s next evolution. I’m not sure what that exactly looks like, but it probably involves…

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#PAXAUS - Day 2 - in which I have only 1/3 left, tres desole

I tried to sleep in. I honestly did. But at 9:00am I was awake, despite the best curtains I have ever had in a hotel room. Even at noon, it feels like midnight in here; I had to sneak behind the curtains to confirm that the light bleeding along the edges…

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How About a Digital Gaming Revolution, Mr. Turnbull? - #PAXAUS - please RT

PAX is a conference for gamers of all kinds, and geek culture more broadly. But you wouldn’t have guessed it from the length of the room-overflowing queue leading into the session “Boss Level: Meet the Brains in Charge of the Aussie Games Industry”. The…
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