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Irene Shen
Web geek, gadget fangirl, and mommy blogger.
Web geek, gadget fangirl, and mommy blogger.

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Irene has a new post My Smartphone-centric Life on
I recently had a couple of bad bouts of luck when it comes to my iPhone and it has forced me to realized how far I have come in terms of revolving my productive life around my smartphone. I found it really hard to go back to basics!
After returning an iPhone that would completely drain of its...

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Just registered for my Mother's Day Weekend!

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Irene has a new post Purging Your Stuff Using Craigslist, Donation, and Freecycle on
I recently went through a pretty major move that involved two toddlers, buying a new house, and selling a new house. This was a situation that called for a lot of de-cluttering and purging before and after the move, and I have learned a lot about the pros and cons about these  3 ways of ...

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Irene has a new post Reasons to Shop Online for the Holidays on
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here in 3 days! This month has just flown by and already the hustle of of the holiday season will be upon us. After Thanksgiving, many Americans will be participating in the well-oiled tradition of Black Friday shopping. Some will be gearing up at...

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Irene has a new post A Small Tweak Can Make All the Difference on
After a little more than a year of being a stay at home mom, I was feeling worn down and terrible about myself. Like any mother of a toddler and breastfeeding infant, I was tired. More than anything, I felt like I was maybe not cut out to be a stay at home wife. Sure I was getting better at...

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Irene has a new post Happy Chinese New Year (of the Dragon) on
This year, my Chinese New Year did not get off to a very good start. It is tradition to do some serious and thorough cleaning of the house for Chinese New Year, and I did not do a very good job this year of cleaning and washing everything. We had planned to go out to a Chinese restaurant to eat...

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Irene has a new post My Past Life and New Endeavor on

(untitled) by SportSuburban

In my previous life, I had always worked. I worked as my father’s child laborer when I was young. I stepped into the working world the day right after graduation, which means I went to no celebrations or parties and got up early the next morning to work. I was...

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Irene has a new post Prioritizing and Doing What's Important on
“If everything is important, nothing is important.”
Important vs. Urgent
Eisenhower once said, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” 

Important activities have an outcome that leads to the achievement of your...

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Irene has a new post Book Review: Anxious Parents: A History of Modern Childrearing in America on
While Anxious Parents is not a how-to parenting book, it is very useful for a parent to read as a primer to parenting books. I wish I had read this book before reading over 20 different kinds of parenting books before and after the birth of my first child. While I believe that this book could...

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Irene has a new post Getting Rid of the Paper Towel Habit on
I never thought that I would use less paper towels with two little ones around, but we have now started to use a lot less of the paper towel or napkin around the house. There was a time when I used paper towels to clean everything like it is going out of style. The one thing about being a stay...
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