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Has W H Smith missed a trick?
Yesterday my husband went into our local W H Smith in Multi-cultural
Ealing in search of Diwali cards and having not found any he asked the
shop assistant where he could find one in the store. The shop
assistant's response was that they don't stock Diwal...
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Can Inclusion thrive in a toxic environment?
Often, at the end of running an unconscious bias workshop
I share with the participants this quote from Maya Angelou “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel”. For me this captur...
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Is there unconscious bias operating at the British Film Institute (BFI)?
the critical and commercial success of “Dear White people” both in the U.S and
at the Sundance Festival, a film by a
first time director Justine Simien, one would imagine that distributors would
be knocking on the director’s door to get it out to th...
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Is it Chelsea Bias Show?
On Saturday afternoon, listening to Radio 4 PM programme, my
attention was caught on the reporting about the Chelsea Flower Show, where this
year out of its 15 top spots for the gardens designs displays only 2 are represented
by women. According to some thi...
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Is it all about cricket? - The Landscape of Diversity
A survey carried
out by England and Wales Cricket Board has highlighted that in its first-team county cricket in 2014, only 6.2% is represented by people
from a South Asian background, whilst over 30% of that group took part in
cricket at the grass root lev...
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Hilary Clinton - The Power of Women
I accidentally came across this documentary
and within second I was hooked watching women from different parts of the worlds
using their power, vision and passion to make a difference to the lives of
women - small and large. A few days on I feel  so inspire...
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The landscape of Diversity and Inclusion - Unconscious Bias and Role of Leaders
HOW UNCONSCIOUS BIAS HOLDS LEADERS BACK Unconscious bias can be subtle and sometimes
even hard to spot unless leaders question and explore their own decision-making
processes. For example when a leader picks a team member to work on a
prestigious assignment...
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A recent article written by Mckinsey on their latest research on 'Why Diversity Matters' points out that more committment to diverse leadership certainly leads to attraction of  top talent,improvement customer
orientation, greater employee satisfaction and ...
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The Landscape of Diversity and Inclusion - Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
The demographic changes taking
place globally will require leaders to be more open-minded
and flexible in order to attract
the next generation of prospective employees from a wider pool and from diverse
backgrounds. Furthermore, leaders may need to recognis...
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Life is all about how we see things!
Here is a photo that says alot. It's shows the amazing power of illusions and where we focus are attention on. If we can't see something doesn't mean its not there. This reminds me of couple of quotes that I came across years ago."Just because we walk the s...
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