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Expansive public research school in Orange County, known for its science & engineering programs.- Google
"Good teaching, great area, prestigious and improving continually."
"This grossly underminds the diverse student body at the school."
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Mav Singh's profile photo
Mav Singh
a month ago
I did my undergrad here and I can honestly say I had the best experience. I was a commuter but I was still able to get involved as much as possible and the professors and programs are great. Additionally, the social environment is great, all of the students and staff are very outgoing and social, making it very easy to make new friends and get along with everyone. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a great education and a a great college experience.
Alamara Munshi's profile photo
Alamara Munshi
a month ago
My son Lewis Munshi is currently studying Engineering. Building various forms of ecological racing cars. I recently made a visit from England UK. Really impressive University. Student residences and services on campus. Lewis fractured his fibia, early on in the year! With the support and sypathy
Shirlee Brindle
a month ago
SHOCKED THAT YOU WOULD ALLOW 6 students to remove the American flag.. re; the Mathew Guevara, Khaali Duh Sidney, Naty Rico, John Salizar, Mathew Tsai and Negar Fatahi.. Are you not a public school paid for by the Taxpaying California public? I really pray this is a mistake..Thank You.. I hope you would have the INS send them home and let them trash their own school .. The flack UCI will receive from this is not going to be pretty.
Jake Smith
3 months ago
I actually dislike the school and the UC system for various reasons as a transfer student in engineering (disgusting elitism, grossly snobby affluent student body, highly expensive area to live in, diverse population of nothing but whites and Asians, etc.) but I'm giving it 5 stars to counter the recent scandal with the flag. What most people here posting bad reviews don't understand that in a country that highly pushes all these "freedoms" down your throat, flag burning and banning are expressions of said freedom of speech. The freedom to express your dislike with the establishment. Most of the people here are too uneducated to know what does and doesn't constitute as free speech so take what they say for granted. They're just here out of frustration and butthurt.
• • •
Cher D
a week ago
Can't understand why it is taking so long for the FDA to give their approval for the University Of California Irvine to get under way with the work they want to perform on people with RP or Retinitis Pigmentosa. At 1st we were waiting on the funds now that the school has the funds we are waiting on the FDA, we have been waiting for over 2 years this is very frustrating. We aren't even being kept up on with this might turn into a possibility. We have been dreaming for many many years for an opportunity that might husband just might be able to see now that we've been given a chance for a dream to possibility come true we're still having to wait. My husband has missed out on his entire life since this dreaded disease has taken his eyesight slowly for all of his life. It was discovered around 5 years of age he was having difficulty with his eyesight but there was not even a name given to it yet. He has lost out on doing all the things a child does, a teenager, a young adult, a young married adult, a middle aged adult & now and older gent. None of this is fair in my eyes, I'm his wife of 41 years now & even though I have my eyes it's like being in a prison, because I've never been able to enjoy him & myselves life because of this horrible disease. We are childless because of this disease neither one of us wanted to bring a blind child into the world, it's hard enough with a blind husband. Please FDA at least I'd like to spend the later years with my seeing husband if this is possible. We've heard in Europe this same research has been done on people with the same disease for a man who was almost totally blind now able to drive with 20-40 vision. So FDA you see this is extremely hard to sit this out I'm in my 60's now and my husband in his 70's please let us enjoy each other in our old age we did the best we could until now. Now there's is a chance and you know what they say when you get older you lose all your patience. I give the school 5 stars for their effort they are making to do this research, I give the FDA no stars for dragging their feet.
• • •
jim bottom's profile photo
jim bottom
3 months ago
Why would anyone want to go to or support a school who would ban an American Flag? Clearly this a gathering place for idiots. Seriously leave our country! As a mother of a soldier who fights for your freedom your are so incredibly offensive. Cultural inclusiveness???? American History, read it!! Melting pot would be a good starting point. Then sit down with some soldiers, interview them, their families, see what they give up so that you can be so stupid. Shame on you for thinking that pride in our great country is something to be ashamed of. Sometimes you need to give up what you so easily take for granite to appreciate it. Time for a field trip, take the first flight out of here.
• • •
ryan nguyen
2 months ago
i find it pretty amusing that recently people have been posting 1 star reviews because they claim UCI is anti american. their logic: 6 students vote to ban display of flag (which btw the school vetoed)... therefore, the entire school is anti-american and un appreciative of troops. Yes, there will always be some students who think of themselves as radical and will do pretty dumb things, but there are those students at every school. however that in no way reflects the quality of education and overall environment of the school. I dont agree with the students who voted to take down the flag, but i very much disagree with the people who critisize the school as a whole because of six students. This grossly underminds the diverse student body at the school. UCI is an amazing school that, in its short years, has grown tremedously. I am proud to call myself an anteater, and a student of the school. There is alot more to the school then 6 people and you really shouldn't listen to those who say that there isn't, that the goodness of the school is determined by the few.. its not.
• • •
Saul Covarrubias's profile photo
Saul Covarrubias
3 months ago
Wow, how encouraging, a university that is actually taking the steps needed to transcend from the old conservative ways of our predecessors who are too stubborn to notice how horrible things have gotten. The US is no longer a nation to be proud of, all u people who are just here to complain about the flag ought to take a semester in world history in any college anywhere in the world but here in america to escape the bias of the people who want to keep our country from performing how it once did. It's a shame that no one pays attention to History anymore, "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it" And those who know the history only from the winning side will always live in a fairy tale for they don't truly know Anything, except what a group in the government wants you to know. All our presidents are trying to do is find away to be remember in a textbook rather than listening to its citizens. I'm glad that there are students brave enough to listen to the concerns of those who they represent rather then getting pushed down by outside forces. Like you people who wouldn't even have known about this if it wasn't on the extremely bias media, which by the ways controls our attitudes towards anything and everything we think we know.
• • •