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Which reminds me, my art? I post it here nowadays. Follow iiiiiiit

This redesign is crazy... But interesting. Might actually start using this now???

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"Last night I had a horrifying dream that a group of well-intentioned middle-aged people who could not distinguish between a domain name and an IP address were trying to regulate the Internet. Then I woke up and the Judiciary Committee’s SOPA hearings were on. It’s exactly as we feared. For every person who appears to have some grip on the issue, there were three or four yelling at him. "

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And here's the second! It's a comic!

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One of two new illustrations for this week's issue of City on a Hill Press!

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School has recently started back up, and you know what that means! MOAR CHP ILLUSTRATIONS

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Every eager artist or creator needs to read this.

Comic Con is over. Last day consisted of managing the exits for three panels (Butch Hartman, Max Brooks, Starship Smackdown) as my volunteer assignment and making the last rounds of the exhibit hall. A good cooldown day and a fine way to cap it off.

Day three of SDCC: Got a cool free Zelda shirt, did some decent volunteer work and sat through four panels (Namco fighting games, Webcomics Weekly, Penny Arcade, Power Rangers). All of that was capped off by an incredible 'impromptu panel' with the Webcomics Weekly guys and several Penny Arcade staff members at the Marriott hotel bar. Fucking amazing day.

First day of Comic Con was amazing. Got to see Captain America a day early, got to shake Hideo Kojima's hand, and got a few glimpses of Matt Smith. Day 2 consisted of an amazing panel— Tintin with Spielberg and Jackson— an awful volunteer assignment and being kicked out of two lines due to overcapacity. I suppose it all balances out. 2 more days of funtimes to go!
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