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Hey, do you know TouchPal? The most colorful and fun keyboard.

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I just rated Big Hero 6 a "Go" on Fandango. What did you think of it?

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This kind of creativity I lust for...or maybe it's envy...regardless, it's probably a sin! But, Damn, this is something else! 

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Truly commendable.
What a positive influence, not only on young minds, but their work ethic to boot!
I am very interested in researching what all goes in to such an involved project of a scale this grand and with goals so lofty within the scope and capability of an ongoing community-minded effort such as this.
Thank you for sharing your inspiring and uplifting success story. I sincerely hope it continues for many years to come, and that someone will feel the same drive, commitment and satisfaction as the current, and original, "project's heart and soul", (for lack of any noted official title, or even a better term), and school volunteer Mr Doug Deeds clearly does.
There just aren't enough Doug Deeds's in this day and age. Thank you for sharing the story of this one.

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