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Sarah Tun
Founder of Larus Press book imprint and Sarah Tun Words and Voices: books, blogs, writers coaching, preaching, singing, audio book narration
Founder of Larus Press book imprint and Sarah Tun Words and Voices: books, blogs, writers coaching, preaching, singing, audio book narration

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Welcome Avivmento No Sul, to Intercession for Israel. Please pray, and post information to encourage others. Shalom!

Little by little, we are growing. I had a dream last night... about a slow-but-steadily moving truck. I was the truck. I think we are the truck too.

I would invite each of you to write to me, even if I have your email address privately, for some of you I know "in real life" as well as virtually.

Please write to me at:
I want to keep in touch. I want to make some changes to my email system and to this community, but I want to ensure I don't "lose" any of you.

So, would you please email me, tell me you're in the Intercession for Israel Community (I can cross check your involvement so only members will be included in the new system).

Shalom and God's blessings.

Founder: Intercession for Israel

Welcome to newest member, Eliyahu HaTishbi. Shalom and Blessings. Please feel free to post your research for others to read, digest and apply.

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Peace and Safety spoken before War: Steven Cioccolanti speaks after President Trump's Historic speech in Saudi Arabia

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A call to pray for the UK and its upcoming election: God's will be done.
Please read background:
My post

If you would like to join Intercession for Israel, you must have a full profile, so that we know you are human and sincere:)

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This past week was one of real encouragement for the nation of Israel as President Trump gave his whole-hearted support for its existence and its freedom.
Beginning with the Saudi speech, he encouraged the Arab world to accept and respect Christian and Jewish peoples.
There are many, many speeches documented on You Tube. The president assured a happy and hopeful Prime Minister Netanyahu that under his administration, the US would always stand for Israel.
Here's the speech given in Saudi Arabia. You Tuber's you've a gold mind to search if you've not already done so. Look for other speeches given this week in Jerusalem (4) and one in Bethlehem as well.

Please folks, if you want to join Intercession for Israel, do so with your own profile in tact. Those who are anonymous, or who provide an incomplete profile will not be accepted. Here, is a place for prayer for Israel, for those who are human beings and passionate about the Peace of Israel. Shalom.

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RECONNECTION MINISTRIES - information for your prayers


A Letter from our Founder


We have been given a most vital commission of the L-rd to help the body of Mashiach/Christ reconnect spiritually in The One New Man; and to address everything that goes along with it. In of itself, this is too tall a mountain to climb and fraught with all kinds of obstacles; both in the natural in the flesh and in the spirit from the enemy. However, this is a new day for the Kingdom of G-d and we are on a precipice of change and apostolic reformation in His body from the Holy Spirit for this to take place. In fact, we believe, that in these last days, the Israel piece and our connection to it, is at the very heart of this transformation; and that as the body reconnects spiritually to Israel, the natural outflow is the end time revival and Harvest to the nations.

In this light, we have been given a strategy from the L-rd, which is three-fold:
1.To mobilize the watchmen (men and women) and the worshippers of the L-rd into a new intercessory focus, with a greater dependence on Spirit led prayer; coupled with an increase in revelation and understanding, as to how to pray for The Reconnection through the Church and Israel.
2. To sufficiently put a face on The Reconnection, and to spell it out in such a way that all may comprehend it and willingly move into it.
3. To aid in connecting Church and Messianic hierarchy to help facilitate these changes.

1. To work with and train up watchmen and worshippers into this fray, in the US, Israel and internationally; to connect with National and Global prayer leaders to help bring this to pass.
2. To take Prayer Tours into Israel from the nations.
3. To hold conferences on The Reconnection.
4. The writing of a new book and ministry focus to bring this to pass, known as XXXXXXX, which will be completed by the summer, please G-d. We have already secured a publisher for the new book. Below are the first two pages of the book that explains its purpose:

It’s Time to Sound the Alarm

In my last book The Ezekiel Generation, I address many of the issues with great depth that tie into The Reconnection, and especially the subtleties of the influence of Generational Anti-Semitism. However, XXXXXXX more precisely identifies The Reconnection and how we may actually apply it into our every day lives. It is the next step for the body of Mashiach/Christ.

The Reconnection
There are a number of us in leadership who have been given the burden from the Lord to help the Church reconnect spiritually through the right joining of Jew and Gentile and Israel and the Church; that most of the time we have been waving this flag in the hope that we can get the Church to see its significance, that very little is actually written to help the Church move into it.

XXXXXXX is written for this purpose to hold the hand of all in the Church and Messianic bodies, from our leadership, to our intercessors and lay people, to help us fully embrace The Reconnection by adapting it into our local churches, congregations and communities. It fully explains The Reconnection, it simplifies and clarifies its significance; addressing the issues still keeping us separate and apart; recognizing it as a vital link for the body of Mashiach/Christ in these days to reconnect to its Jewish roots and heritage, as the mystery of Israel’s spiritual unveiling and the fullness of souls from the Nations comes into being (Romans 11:25-32).

A unique transaction is about to take place in the body of Mashiach/Christ as we re-unite in The One New Man between Jew and Gentile. It is like a re-marriage and there is something special that both parts bring to the table, yet can only be experienced once the union has taken place.

XXXXXXX emphasizes this spiritual reconnection and the incredible power and blessings that await a reconnected Church. As Scripture states: What will Israel’s acceptance be, but life from the dead! The books helps us to recognize all that is associated to the mystery of Israel’s spiritual re-birth; how it affects us and the adjustments we need to make to help bring it to pass. It presents the Israel piece as a golden key, the final piece of the puzzle to restore and reform the Church that ignites the rest, and how the Church is intricately linked as the catalyst to help bring about Israel’s awakening. “If we want the fire, we need first to reconnect the wire!”

XXXXXXX unveils God’s glory plan to reconnect His family through Israel’s spiritual awakening. It helps us to see Israel by faith as the word tells us they will be and not as they are currently. It reconnects the Church towards Israel and specifically to the current body of Messianic believers in a re-uniting of The One New Man. Through The Reconnection, the joined body of Jewish and Gentile believers become the catalyst and salvific agent to help bring Israel’s rebirth about, which will come through a fresh focus on intercessory prayer and witness to complete the family of God during these last days and to prepare the bride for His coming.

Ministry Plan
To build out a ministry platform that can support the releasing and promotion of this reconnection message to take it to the next level in the Church and Messianic bodies. Our ultimate goal is to create a Television ministry platform for The Reconnection, to bring the body of Mashiach/Christ to the message, rather than to take it out to individual Churches all the time. However, the airwaves are costly and as a result, the ministry needs to gain a greater level of financial support first from the local Church and Messianic bodies through Missions support and individual prayer partner donations.

To create a new fund raising platform known as YYYYYYYY that will bring the necessary attention to properly fund the Messianic branches and the Jerusalem Church through the reconnecting mission and the prayer movement working together to undergird its mission.

In this light, we are planning the following for the book launch:
Introductory Videos to explain the new book and Ministry focus
Local and National Book Tour
New Website Platform
Interactive platform to promote and explain the new book
New book Video teaching series for the Gentile Church
New Book Video teaching series for Messianic Congregations
New Ministry Brochure for new prayer partners

Funding Needed
We are in need of regular support from Churches and Messianic Congregations, as well as individual ministry partners for our day-to-day expenses. We also need an additional $25-$35,000 this year to build out the ministry platform, as described above. This is an approximate budget, as we are not yet close to final costs.

The Reconnection message is most probably one of the most significant for the Kingdom of God for this hour, especially when you think of all the changes it will help to bring in the body of Mashiach/Christ to help our Lord properly restore His family into The One New Man. However, in light of the many obstacles it faces with both groups (Jews and Gentiles), it is also greatly misunderstood. Hence the need for a much clearer message and a Spirit led intercessory focus that will put the strongholds of resistance under the Lord’s feet.

This then puts the initial care and concern for our financial needs on those who it is beginning to touch, and we do have a strategy here to target God’s audience and broaden it as we go. Please pray with us that God will begin to stir believer’s hearts, from those amongst us like from the widowers might to men and women of substance who can properly recognize just how important this message is and how it needs to be properly funded.

I am reminded here of Paul’s writings to the Roman Church and how many believers were pleased to help provide the needs of the Messianic branches of the faith and how this reconnection message truly helps to reconnect both parts of the family, so great blessing will pursue (Romans 15:27). But, that beforehand most could not see it coming; as in the L-rd’s own words to me as He has been leading me in this endeavor. “Grant, they can’t see what I am showing you, but they will see!”

The Reconnection wave is coming, I have seen it in The Spirit – Please earnestly pray with us and agree for our needs to be met; and for those who the Spirit awakens to it, to fully catch its vision and first fruit tithes and offerings to fuel this most vital ministry focus. Our Quarterly Update is attached below.

For Our Father’s Heart and for His Glory.
In Yeshua’s love,

Grant & Hali Berry

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Are you familiar with the conept of One New Man? Or Reconnection Ministries?

As we pray for Israel, let's become familiar ...

Bringing together Israel and the Church as followers of Yehovah!
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