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My personal take on openness. It's based on the projects with which I've been involved so it isn't a comprehensive view of the whole topic:

[There was meant to be an audio track but I never could get it to play, even with help, so please perform an instant remix whilst watching, by imagining the music of your choice :-) ]

I'm having problems adding audio to Popcorn. I've found a short CC track on Soundcloud, added the link to make a Media clip, dropped on to a layer.... but no sound appears when I hit play. The whole project saves successfully and all the other Events appear, but no sound. Swapping for other tracks has not helped. Headphones are not the problem (!) and I can hear audio on other Popcorn projects (looking inside them has not revealed any key differences.)

Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong? (Google no help on this one.)

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First simple attempt at using Popcorn, remixing +Kanika Jones introduction. (I have been a little playful with the pronunciation of one of the words for which I hope to be forgiven).
Hope to work on adding sound another time.

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I've combined +ankit gadgil 's original make with Wikipedia using X-Ray Googles:

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My introduction using Thimble (for the first time if it isn't obvious!):

Hello everyone, I'm Tracey from Bath, UK.
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