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Smart Photo Album
Smart Album is a photo album which lets you organize your photos based on your specified criteria.
Smart Album is a photo album which lets you organize your photos based on your specified criteria.


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Emotions, expressions, feelings, gestures – a picture says it all. Store, view, and display your beloved memories with the Smart Photo Album. 
An extraordinary blend of creativity and intelligent design keeps this album right in your control. So categorize and tag your photos the way you want with a single click!

With Smart Album, you can:
➢ Tag photos with keywords and more.
➢ Assign star rating to your photographs.
➢ View, sort, and filter your snapshots based on keywords, camera model, lens, date, or star rating. 
➢ Create a slideshow.
➢ Email an image directly from the photo album.
➢ Export to your favorite social media network.
➢ Export a Smart Album to the Photo Library.
➢ Camera connection support.

Working of Smart Album
Smart Album, the choice of every modern-day individual, is the new way to organize your photographs based on your own criteria. Just pick a factor, such as a keyword, camera model, lens, or date, and you’re ready to create an array of images. 
Are you a professional photographer who has to organize loads of pictures every day? The Smart Album app,  designed by an intelligent mind, is your best option to sort hundreds of images in different albums for quick, easy access.
One photo can appear in multiple albums. Browse through your precious memories and enjoy hours of unlimited fun with a single click! Start tagging photos with your chosen elements to get your photo album ready within seconds!

How it all Began – A Glimpse of the Past 
Like any programming expert, Vliet enjoyed tagging his personal photos on his computer. When he bought an iPad, he was surprised to find out that the appstore did not have any app that could be used to sort photos based on specific tags. 
Huub was handling various small websites and limited-budget projects. The idea of designing an innovative app was so exciting that he decided to switch to this field. It was then that he claimed the domain and started working as an iPhone/iPad/iOS/Objective-C developer. 
Being an experienced Java developer, Van Vliet did not have much trouble learning Objective-C. Though learning the iOS APIs was a challenging and time-consuming task, he was motivated enough to get the job done.  He hired and worked with an iOS developer to develop his first application, known as Image Metadata Viewer. 
After that there was no looking back. Van Vliet continued working and finally launched Smart Album in July 2011. What followed was a year with various other priorities. In October 2012, he started designing an improved version of Smart Album. The entire application was rewritten to make filtering a little more efficient. In the new version of Smart Album, keywords and several other parameters, including camera model, lens, date, and star rating, can be used for the filtering purpose. 
In January 2013, the first version of Smart Album was followed by various smaller releases. The features of these versions are designed to fulfill the users’ requests. The latest version of Smart Album has new intriguing features that make photo albums even more interactive and memorable.

Who’s the Developer?
The mastermind behind Smart Album belongs to Huub van Vliet. Born in 1968, he has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands. He is the father of three children, 9, 8, and 6 years old, and lives with his family in a small, peaceful village in the Netherlands. Van Vliet works three days a week as a contract-based Java Architect in the banking sector. 
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