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Hi everyone. Recently I've stumbled at the nature of Distinctions (in C+ Action and Heroic action versions). Do they exist in binary state (help / complicate) or can I ignore them if needed? Is it mandatory to roll d4 in all cases which qualify as "not helping"?

For example if I make Distinction "An elven blade-dancer" I imply that my character is arrogant, artful, graceful, quick and skillful with rapier/elven sword. When I act correspondingly I get d8. Fair enough. But when I act other way (compassionately or rude or casting spells) — can I just say "Nah, elven blade-dancer does not help, I just pick something else to roll"?
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As a player I often will LOOK for reasons to use my Distinctions at a d4. It's fun to shake things up narratively and I get that sweet plot point. ;)
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Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
As some requested, I've made a brief translation of "Fate of the Damned" hack and even remade character sheet in pdf below. Original hack is here:
Now it's easier to discuss and sign out problematic moments.
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Kinda stupid question but still... Why are deafault asset/compication/stress die a d6? Yeah, I know about d4 being a lame die or die that indicate that something went wrong but I also can imagine scenes when deisred effect is weaker than expected.

For example, I hit my enemy and bam! He gets "Taste of my own blood d4" stress — I might deal damage but made him angrier. Or some sort of social conflict where I place opponent into "Blind denial d4"— victory is mine so far, but it's getting harder to reason with him.

The same applies to assets. Maybe the "Chainsaw d6" was initially "Low on fuel Chainsaw d4" — how do I treat such cases?
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Right, the 'creating Assets that last by taking an Action' in MHRP is intentional.

And yes, raising the stakes in Firefly is one-and-done. Combats in Firefly are usually more as a group than as an individual as they are in Leverage.
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Another strange question, appeared after I've read license terms located at MWP forums (especially Cortex Fan License).
Is it okay to make a pun with Cortex logo at the cover art/title page? License specifies words but there is no info about distinctive images. E.g. I designed cover art and put there blue and black disc as a part of composition (as stellar object/round table/emblem at the flank of mecha etc) in addition to approved license logo, of course — is that allowed?
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I included the logo as part of the cover on both of my releases, and Christi okayed it. I'm pretty sure that use of the symbol is covered by a granted license, so if you've got a license, you're good to use the symbol.
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Hi everyone. Recently I've discovered that some of my players consider Effect die mechanics (present in MHRP) to be alienation or too difficult to master. So I decided to tweak it a little.

The idea is to count Degrees of Success instead of looking for appropriate die in pool. When you compare totals and win, you get either a clear success (climb a wall / drop the enemy / hack security system) — just like in Cortex Action or Firefly RPG... or count one success if the task is challengeable enough (the wall is very high and full of defenders / the enemy is BBEG / the system is guarded by counterhacker).

Simple success counts as 1 DoS;
Extraordinary success (5+ more in Total) adds +1 DoS each;
By paying 1 PP you can add +1 DoS;
Talents also may add 1 or 2 degrees of success in some circumstances.

If you create asset or complication (including stress), you translate Degrees into steps from d4 to d12. 6 DoS apparently create d12+ asset/complication which is (mostly) enough to disable most of the opposition or get a tremendous advantage.

What do you think about this idea?
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Given how unuseful they are, you could just skip d4 Effects entirely without a problem.
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I presume that new CCC program for Cortex Plus efficiently replaces old Fan Product and Official Licensed Product licenses. Does that mean that I am encouraged to make all the changes to my old works or can leave them as they were?

Also it looks like new terms do not support works based by other existing media (beyond MWP-associated titles). Is that so? Can I present Star Wars Cortex-action hack or My Little Pony conversion through Community Created Content?
Rules You can use any of the game system rules found in the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide. You are allowed to use the name “Margaret Weis Productions”; the name “Cortex Plus System” in your work. Set...
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Now I get it. Thank you all :)
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Евгений Литвин

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Hi everyone.
Recently I've made a FAE-hack on Warhammer 40000. It is called Fate of the Damned ("Судьба Проклятых"), is inspired by official WH40K RPGs and devoted mostly to chaos worshipers and heretics as protagonists. The thing is... well... the hack is written completely in Russian — so to the most of the community it will not be be comprehensible, but I presume someone will love it anyway. Actually I've decided to post it here after mentioning of "Oktoberlandet" — — if people are interested in non-English playing material then this work also may find its reader.

The hack is short, full of examples, contains setting-specific rules simplified for FAE (such as corruption or sorcery) and even has its own character sheet. I've tried to put in all the required logos and license texts even if it is purely fan-made work. Let me know if I've made something inappropriate or messed up the idea.
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+Ivan Zovko
I'll think about it. Maybe a quick summary version: without fluff and excessive explanations.
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Default assumtion that if you deal stress, you can add to dicepool its amount (ED) later (beginning the next round) in a confict with the same victim. It looks likely but actually is a classic death spiral. You deal stress first — you snowball your position and improve perfomance with every other strike/argument etc. until victim is stressed out. 

Will it be good idea to add dice only for traumas but not the stress? — Just like in FATE games, where only consequences can be tagged and the stress buffers incoming damage for some extent.
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The fewer dice you start with, the more telling Stress will be (especially once it's heavy duty Stress like a d8 or more). 
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Another strange question: where does this subtile border between Action, Drama and Superheroics lie, if I take elements from all of them and put in one cauldron?
For example, I want to hack a setting about grim darkness of far future (yep, THAT one). There will be Role traits (Psyker, Interrogator, Cleric etc.) just like in C+A. I also want Relationship traits with brief statements (Attitude to crewmembers, Imperial structures, semi-legal structures, Faith etc.) just like in C+D. And of course I want doompool, symbolysing tides of Chaos, and effect die (found in MHRP) — to calculate damage and combat-relevant assets. It will be a game about counter-terrorist activity with gunfire, hard choices between "bad" and "worse" and inevitable corruption, which changes PC's values and ideals.
So, how can I decide, which of cortex syles my spawn is based upon? If there were any similar discussion — I'll be glad to see the links.
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It's more they tempting to "not help my team 3d12" though... ;)
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Hi, I've got some questions about C+, so I'll start from afar.
During my experiments with FATE Core system I've stumbled across one unspoken guidance (or advice), which could be phrazed as "If you can avoid expressing something through aspect — then avoid it". I.E. Aspects in FC play very important role: GM should always look for suitable and ambivalent aspects, filter off non-usable and non relevant, check for ones already in play (especially possesed by PC) — so any more aspects would overload master or bog down the game. There are lots of other options like stunts, fractal characters, optional rules etc.
So my question is: are there any similar pitfalls in C+ system? Are there any game sub-mechanics, which should not be abused? And why?

P.S. Sorry for any typos or mistakes in advance.
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Well, they're sorta like a Specialties in Firefly. From the Leverage Corebook:

"Not everything a Crewmember might want to do during a Job maps neatly to one of the five Roles. Specialties are the way to represent these narrow skills that don't quite fall under any Role. "

Firefly Specialties do fall under a Skill, and in the case of the Safe-Cracker talent, it's more like the Firefly Specialty than what Leverage defines Specialties as.
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