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Chapter 21-23 (pg 316-352)
Chapter 21: Fordlandia’s biggest challenges were the bugs and epidemics of the Amazon. The
South American Leaf Blight was one that would started to ruin the entire
operation. When the rubber trees top leaves began to touch it eased the spread
of the leave b...

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Chapter 17-20 (pg. 264-315)
Summary:  Chapter 17: Upon returning to Fordlandia, following the December 1930 riot, Americans were
very hesitant because they were scared of another uprising, Ford sent Perini
back to Fordlandia along with W. E. Carnegie and Archibald Johnson, these three...

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Chapter 14-16 (pg 202-263)
Summary: Chapter 14: This chapter goes into rather detail about John Rogge, who became the first
person in command at Fordlandia after Perini went back to the states. Rogge was
a real “mountain man” and was very happy to go to the amazon so that he could ex...

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Chapter 12-13 (pg. 165-203)
Summary: Chapter 12: At this point, Brazil’s taxation of Fordlandia became a really large problem,
one that Dearborn saw necessary to fix immediately, and to do this they sent
William Cowling to deal with the problem. Cowling would only act on the offense

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Summary: Chapter 8: This chapter talks of the final transaction for Ford to actually purchase the
estate within the Amazon. Blakely and Oz Ide are the actual two who negotiate
the deal. They get about 2.5 million acres along the Tapajos River. A local gover...

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Chapter 6 and 7 (pg 86-119)
Summary: Chapter 6: This chapter goes into the various inquiries that Ford makes about the Amazon. After visiting with Villares, Ford sends LaRue to the amazon to investigate the various forrest that for may buy. They talk about how the deal might be corrup...

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Chapters 3-5 (pg 43-85)
1. Description Chapter 3: This chapter focuses on how Henry Ford whole heatedly hates war. Many at the
time even call him a pacifist. On the brink of World War I, Ford is trying to
stop the United States from joining the war by any means possible, he takes

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Introduction and Chapter 1-2 (pg 1-42)
1. Description  The Introduction. Fordlandia was the brain child of Henry
Ford, and the book begins in 1928 at Ford's unveiling of his second car, the
Model A, with Thomas Edison and Ford's son, Edsel, is at his side. While the
media focuses on the car, For...
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