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Just read something that today was the day Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) passed away in 1982, I looked up his list of credits and he was in quite a few t.v. shows and movies. He certainly wasn't much of an actor but I guess he could write well.

I'm not sure what the fascination with Facebook is. I find it to be "nosy" and rarely if ever use it. It wants too much information about you.

Whats new? I guess the fact that the sun is shining is new, at least for the past few days!

What happened on the financial markets today shoul be a good sign that after today Obama will celebrate only one more birthday in the White House (unless of course he's an invited guest by some other sitting president). 

I guess it's better to watch movies about an action hero like Spiderman than a television series about a serial killer who works in a mortuary when he's not out and about killing people. 

What do you think of that new show"Suits?". I think it tends to show the worst side of the profession- at least the side I hate the most - the arrogant/pompous side. It's still intriguing though and I'll look at more episodes. 

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Judgment Calls: Principle and Politics in Constitutional Law
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