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Authorship and Date
As I've worked through the dates of the New Testament texts, the one thing I've wanted to avoid is making this a study of authorship. The more I work on the material though, the more I realize that the relationship between authorship and date is unavoidable...

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James and Programmatic Skepticism
In his 2013 International
Critical Commentary on the canonical Epistle of James, Dale Allison notes
rightly that there were numerous pseudepigraphical works written in James’s
name. Yet, he also notes rightly, no one argues that these were in fact written

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The Ascension of Isaiah and the Gospel of Thomas
John A.T. Robinson's Redating the New Testament is one of those books whose footnotes are often mini-essays in their own right. Over the holidays I've had the chance to pore over his notes, and in so doing been well-rewarded. I want to consider two notes: o...

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Why Robinson Still Matters
Robinson's  Redating the New Testament  is of crucial significance because, to the best of my knowledge, it was the 20th-century's only monograph-length critical study devoted wholly to the dates of the New Testament texts. Indeed, Robinson, writing in 1976...

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1 Clement--"A Post-Apostolic Postscript," Pt. 4
With this blog post, I discuss Robinson's treatment of 1 Clement, the final text that he considers in Redating the New Testament . I will post in the next few days on other matters that come out of my reading of Robinson, especially on how it relates to my ...

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The Didache--"A Post-Apostolic Postscript," Pt. 3
We turn now to the third text that Robinson treats in Chapter X of Redating the New Testament, namely the Didache. Generally speaking, the Didache is one of the more difficult early Christian texts to work with, as our only Greek copy wasn't found until 187...

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The Shepherd of Hermas--"A Post-Apostolic Postscript," Pt. 2
While I find Robinson on shaky ground in his dating of the Epistle of Barnabas , I find him on pretty solid ground with the dating of the Shepherd of Hermas, at c. 85 (compared to the mid-2nd century of broader consensus). Before we discuss his arguments ho...

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Epistle of Barnabas--"A Post-Apostolic Postscript," Pt. 1
In this post I begin to work through Chapter X of J.A.T. Robinson's Redating the New Testament , "A Post-Apostolic Postscript," in which he treats certain texts of the Apostolic Fathers, namely the The Epistle of Barnabas, the Shepherd of Hermas, the Didach...

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"The Gospel and Epistles of John," cont'd.
At last we come to the epistles of John, and thus the end of Robinson's treatment of the dates of the NT. There remains to consider his "Post-Apostolic Postscript," which deals with select texts from the Apostolic Fathers (and which I aim to treat in severa...

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"The Gospel and Epistles of John"
In Chapter IX of Redating the New Testament , Robinson comes at last to the gospel and epistles of John. I say "at last," because in the introductory chapter he had noted that it was doubts about the standard dating of this literature to the 90s that led hi...
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