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Tom Cramer
Founder & CEO, Wisie Inc.- Providing Delightful 90-second Daily Wisdom Videos on Parenting,Success & Relationship
Founder & CEO, Wisie Inc.- Providing Delightful 90-second Daily Wisdom Videos on Parenting,Success & Relationship

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A mother's love knows no boundaries. Show your mother that you care for her today and always. Sending warmest and heartfelt messages to all the mothers. Happy Mother’s Day..!!

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Nature....simply amazing!
Golden Hour During the Storm
Here's another shot from last night.  The clouds were forming just a few miles west, so as the sun set, it shot golden light under and through the clouds for a few minutes.

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Parenting Wisdom For Easier Child Development

Child development is a natural process, meaning that our children are naturally inclined to work as hard as possible on fulfilling their greater potential.
In fact, the deepest driving desire in a child is to demonstrate mastery, to grow more capable, to become all that he and she can be.
Just as the seed holds the pattern of growth and fruition of the plant, and just as the seed contains the internal drive to grow into its full potential, at the very core of their being our kids are internally guided and driven toward full child development.

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Successful Parenting Without Marital Stress

One of the most common parenting challenges brings strife into almost every home with children.
It occurs when parents clash in frustrating conflict over their difference in opinion regarding the parenting they want their children to receive.One parent regards peace and harmony in the household as sacrosanct. The other parent feels justified in disturbing the peace at home by getting very emotionally worked up and harshly complaining in reaction to unwanted child behaviors.
One parent believes in giving the child a clear explanation of the reasons behind the rules for child behavior. The other believes that offering explanations is a form of “cow-towing” that treats the child with too much respect.
Trust that what you can do without strife is enough.
Instead of fighting with your child or with your spouse over unwanted behavior, seek better ways of managing yourself in response to disturbing behavior.

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I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb alone.
~ Cyrano de Bergerac

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Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.
Mother Teresa

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With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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Positive Parenting Wisdom

One of the common parenting mistakes I have observed as a parent and as a parenting seminar leader and consultant who has worked directly with thousands of families, is confusing complaining with effectively improving child behavior.
When we complain to our kids about a behavior problem, like not putting their things away or eating like a barbarian at the dinner table, we really are NOT leading them to more responsible child behavior.
Raising kids to display a higher level of self-discipline is accomplished by patiently guiding the child, step-by-step, through the new child discipline pattern you want established.

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A Calm Way To Achieve Your Parenting Goals

When your child resists your attempts to lead, guide or direct his behavior, notice how you handle that.As you improve your handling of the situation you will enjoy more satisfying results with your child.
The process usually begins with examining how you are feeling.  Look at your attitude toward your child.Focus on maintaining an attitude of calm confidence toward the situation and think about the kind of relationship you really want with your child.

The next step is to consider your goal for the situation.  What is it that you really want your child to do?

 When you calmly, confidently consider what you can do in the present situation to produce the outcome you want, you have the best chance of coming up with a constructive idea.

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An Alternative To Saying “No” To Your Kids

Our parental “job” includes instilling wisdom in our children.

There are good reasons why parents would like to find an alternative to using the word “No” with their children.

Disciplining children is never all that much fun. The sooner our kids can responsibly discipline themselves the better.
By providing your child is a simple, brief explanation of what is undesirable about what she wants you actually educate her about what is good for her.
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