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Life is too short to drink cheap beer.  

And today, just as suddenly as they disappeared, the links are again being displayed on my feed.  

That was weird, G+, and I didn't like it.  Please don't do it again.  

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Racism. Unfortunately I don't think it's as simple as that. I suspect this classroom experience is common in most US schools at this point. The 'no child left behind directive' is a terrible, horrible, stagnating way to teach.

Although calling out the obvious offenders - and I have no doubt that racism is part of this problem and further degrades the potential of the classroom - may be a way to start the debate toward change.

She's brave and cocky and smart. And female. Cards are really stacked, aren't they?

Her story, with this attention, will likely resolve in a satisfactory manner for her future. But what of the hundreds of thousands of kids like her, stuck in a school that bores the hell out of them, surrounded by teachers who are either 'with the program' or equally stifled and bored?

Change is certainly needed.
A 13-year-old girl is harassed and thrown out of school for an essay her teachers found offensive, because she dared to point out their negligence.

What's HOT? Oh my god, why are you giving me Brittany?

Slider to oblivion.... activated.

Buh bye, Brittany!

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This is terrifying. Holy crap the disaster potential.
Insane Indian skyscraper replaces balconies with glass pools.

A 37-story residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India, called the Aquaria Grande Tower (currently under construction) will have the most insanely awesome feature ever: glass swimming pools where the balconies normally go for some of the apartments.

I want one.

I recently read an article on birth control and how much of a society changer it is... and now I can't find the article. Is the person who posted it on this social media?

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So wait, wait... does this make what Anonymous does legal?

"The Constitution doesn’t constrain private actors, of course. This language would immunize them from liability under any and all regulation and under state or common law. Private actors would not be subject to suit for breaching contractual promises of confidentiality. They would not be liable for violating the privacy torts. Anything goes so long as one can make a claim to defending “information systems,” a term that refers to anything having to do with computers."

Talk about unintended consequences....

"Anything goes so long as one can make a claim to defending “information systems,” a term that refers to anything having to do with computers."


Help me out here... and correct me if I'm wrong -

Isn't there a cap on how much any one individual can contribute to a campaign?

And if there is, why doesn't that cap on an individual's contribution apply to a corporation?

If "Corporations are people, too, my friend." then they need to abide by the SAME rules? The fact that the rules are different makes no sense.

One of the things I have trouble understanding is why people will disregard data or ideas based on who has said them.

WHO CARES who has said it, if it contains a TRUTH that you recognize and wish to honor - it DOESN'T MATTER who said it.

I've encountered this kind of shit from hard-line lesbians who have actually STOPPED talking to me at a party when they found out I was straight. Like it's contagious or something.

And I just read a scathingly dismissive comment regarding a post on mental states and adjusting them that was, in its entirety: "He's a white dude named Smith."


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Anybody have thoughts on this news:

A few days ago Google announced a new privacy policy: If you're signed into any Google service, the information that Google collects from you can be combined with information from every other Google service to build a gigantic profile of your activities and preferences.
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