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As guardian of corporate assets, CIO’s are generally a conservative bunch: ensuring security, privacy, and confidentiality are important agenda items for any responsible CIO. Still, today’s customers, employees, and other stakeholders demand unprecedented levels of communication and engagement from senior management, including the CIO.

Many CIOs feel caught between the desire for openness and the mandate for safety and protection. It’s a tough balance and there are certainly no easy answers, especially during this period of cultural transition in regard to these issues. Despite the difficulty, some CIOs have forged a path that successfully manages these conflicting goals.
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I'd love to see a similar list presenting the top "social" CIOs from the public sector -- a group that's arguably more regulated and more conservative than the group here (although I saw GSA is mentioned).
It's even more impressive to see a non-B2C company CIO emerging as #1 (SAP CIO - +Oliver Bussmann ) Almost every single company in that list is consumer-facing, where 'consumerization of IT' is probably easier or even essential. Bussmann was a key driver in changing the culture in SAP by introducing consumer-friendly/ BYOD policies.
it's great that they are social, but the fact that they're active on Facebook and Twitter doesn't say much on how they manage the social media and IT issues of the companies they work for
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