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The release of Swords & Wizardry Light has rekindled my creative fires and gotten me back to work on my cyberpunk hack of S&W. Originally intended to be a White Box-based game in the vein of White Star, White Lies, or Operation White Box, Light instead seems to be the perfect “starter kit” to get the basics into play and leave room for expansion later on - to a “Continual Light” 7-levels or ultimately the full 10+ levels of a White Box treatment of the game. My hope is to build a fast and fun base for dystopian future 80’s era cyberpunk style play, then add back in the fantasy and magic elements to allow Referees and Players to replicate the Shadowrun experience where “Man Meets Magic and Machine.” I hope you enjoy it!

Keep in mind, these are quite preliminary, and I'm always open to feedback!

Hi all - not sure where to put a "Want to Buy" post...

Finally starting up Princes of the Apocalypse with my group and I'd like to get my hands on a copy of the GF9 Elemental Evil DM Screen. Sold out everywhere online I can find to look. I do have my FLGS looking for me, but don't expect success. If that falls through, doers anyone have a copy they no longer need and would be willing to part with?

And before anyone mentions it, yes, I do know it'd not supposed to be very good. Curious more than anything.


Shadowrun has it's toxic shamans and insect spirits once you veer off of the more standard fantasy elements. Not sure if they;'ll make it into this initial project, but rather than purely ape that stuff, I can see bringing back some element of Lovecraftian horrors, Old Ones and such. Cults of worshipers, summoning all sorts of nasties. Yeah, that could be a thing. Madness and destruction hides just beyond a curtain most people can't even see.

Slowly nailing down more details for how CHROME will come together. Again - drawing primarily on Shadowrun for inspiration. Ideally, I have a stand-alone system that let's me play a Shadowrun type game (alternate near-future, cybertech, urban fantasy/magic, etc) but in a class-based, streamlined ruleset much more akin to B/X.

SR (older SR, anyway - 2E is my happy place) uses a priority system for character creation. You have to rank what's important to you - Ability Scores, Race, Magic, Starting Money. My idea is to work that into how you roll for ability scores. I'll be pretty generous - either 4d6 drop lowest, or 2d6+6. Roll seven times and arrange to taste. One stat is Wealth - so if you want more starting cash for cyberware or vehicles, you'll likely need to sacrifice a high ability score to get that. Races will have minimum requirements as well, so again, to play that elf or troll, you'll need to put your high numbers in certain abilities, which in turn might limit what classes you can choose, or how much money you have for your initial equipment. This needs more thought to see how it balances out, obviously.

Classes: I want to hit the SR archetypes, but also have some customization through some sort of background mechanic.
??? (Street Samurai, Mercenary, Ganger)
Hacker (Decker)
Jockey (Rigger)
Hustler (Face)
Adept (Physical at least, not sure about magical adepts)

So, I haven't posted anything yet and am wondering if what I've got isn't really appropriate for the B/X or 64PG Challenge after all. As I see it, our goal here is products that are a) B/X compatible, and b) formatted, right?

My intention all along was to write my game more based on BFRPG - B/X inspired, but with some modern mechanics. On top of that, some aspects of S&W White Box (single save at least) - plus there is SO much WB stuff to draw from already (White Star, White Lies, etc). And NOW, we have the 5E SRD - advantage/disadvantage, proficiency bonus, and other bits I like. <sigh>

How far is too far from B/X, in your opinions?

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Alrighty then. I'm going in with my Urban Fantasy/Cyberpunk game, Chrome. It's primarily a B/X-ish version of Shadowrun, cyber meets fantasy. I'm actually using BFRPG as the base, as it includes some modernisms like ascending AC and attack bonuses. That sort of thing. Should be fun!

An OGL question, +Bill Logan

Just noticed in the Class Creation Guide, and in checking both H2H and Echo Team, that your OGL copyright section doesn't include an entry for those additional products, just the core game. Shouldn't each products licence be updated to include itself? You do now that everything is open content, but don't spell out how to credit those sources during reuse.

Morning friends!
Looking for options for spontaneous casters in WB. I've combed thru what I have and was surprised to come up dry. Not necessarily a 3e Sorcerer. Who's got some points to alternate magic systems to share? 

Congrats on getting this out the door, +Bill Logan.  Bought it first thing this morning and looking forward to reading through it.  Not sure how much actual play it will see, but I'm hopeful.

What I CAN tell you is it'll likely be mined for ideas/material for my never-ending project, a WB-based game that's essentially a Shadowrun clone.  Between this, original WhiteBox fantasy and White Star, plus the metric boatload of stuff online for all of them I have far too much material to draw from.  Woo Hoo!

Now a question for you.  Adventures - any plans to either release WL versions of the stuff that's been put out by DWD for Covert Ops?  Or maybe release a conversion/update document of some sort? 

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Heya Lowell.  I'd agree that neither Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadowrun qualify as PA games.  That said, I can't wait for you to cover CP as it's own series.  Hope it's next! 
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