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Anurag Ganguly
Want to be on the top of tech. When Life gives lemons, I'd prefer enjoying it and feel the taste positively.
Want to be on the top of tech. When Life gives lemons, I'd prefer enjoying it and feel the taste positively.
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Lighting can make or break a room. Read below to know how to get it right!
#Lighting #LightingTips

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Asus Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 3 Deluxe Renders Leaked
If we talk about the rumor-mill of tech and smartphones, renders are on top these days. Similarly there's sort of buzz around the web regarding the new 3rd gen of the Zenfone lineup by Asus . Below are some images of the unofficial renders which are believe...

[P.S: Not intended for particularly one media network, being an audience, I want some changes. Yes, it's my voice and my right.]

I am neither a guy who generalises everything without knowing, nor the one who keeps on putting finger in others business, that's what poking is.

Just came up with this thing. Random news channel's keep on flashing(one can't ignore them just in the crave of getting some new NEWS). And every channel were like, "They shall apologize", "....Their PM, Unke PM", "....Ghotala hua, ye party wo party!", "....Falana, Dhimkana" and et cetera of enough Shits, yea get the word.

Come on, Atleast spare PM, He is everyone's PM. Stop addressing him with other's.

We expect some news sir, some NEWS. Stop pricking the lines over politics and stuffs. No one wants to know about them the whole day.
Getting? The above lines are written in very simple word, hope you get it, being educated. Now don't take your 'mirch masala' wala news banao stuff here. Bollywood shows them perfectly.

Able to let Govt. People work? Able to stop judging them?
Able to show some NEWS about DEVELOPMENT?
Able to talk about IDEAS and stop shouting over the TV with higher decibel rates? My ears do pain!

Hope, education gave you a mind that first understands the script rather than making news on it.


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Unveiled: Sony Xperia Z4v. Upgrades over Z3+ and is Exclusively Verizon.
Hello readers, sorry for a gap between my previous post and this one,
all due to some boozy reasons I'll never prefer to share. ;) Here comes another flagship model by Sony- Xperia Z4v. As of the news, it's exclusive for Verizon Cellulars( as the V comes i...

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[Acoustic Cover] Sun le re | Anurag Ganguly

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Micromax Yu: Expectations.

Read my point of view for the new and most bragged device below.

#yureka #yuplaygod #india #coolpad #cyanogenmod #micromax 

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Micromax YU to be unveiled today. Rumored to be priced below 12K INR.
Cyanogenmod being the most favorite ROM's of all time is now setting trends to be 'officially' used with new devices. Oppo and OnePlus being the trendsetters, Micromax is now the new one to join the race. As it was teased to be officially announced today (1...
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