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Shirley Peters
Artist painter from Sydney, Australia.
Artist painter from Sydney, Australia.

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Stage 15 Mountains
Sometimes the scenery becomes the star of the show!  One of the main reasons TDF is so popular is those rolling hills! This was 30km out from the finish Ebay

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6 paintings of Le Tour de France

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Le Tour de France Stage 3 Early Breakaway
A sunny day for Stage 3, and an early breakaway group is my subject. Watercolour 24 x 32cm Ebay

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Le Tour de France Stage 2 _Sprint Finish with Marcel Kittel
An exciting sprint finish was my choice for Stage 2. Watercolour 24cm x 32cm Ebay

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Le Tour de France Stage 1
I've started my 2017 Le Tour de France paintings, with Stage 1 featuring Richie Porte in the rain. A time trial race, the riders have to beat the clock rather than each other. Watercolour 24 x 32 cm Ebay

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Winter Sun Waning
Another oil sketch done on location. The track is called Nulunga Walking Track, and there are lovely beach views from it. We are holidaying nearby, and I found these rocks too good to not paint: bit rushed though as the tide was incoming! And the sun was wa...

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Lobster Jack Beach
I am currently holiday with hubby and we are travelling like grey nomads in our motorhome. (I say 'like' cause I'm not grey, yet.) I've bought my old box easel and I'm having fun painting in oils. Normally I've chosen acrylics or watercolour for these trave...

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"La Perouse is not here."
Third painting in my Tasmania Landscape series. It's based on the history of the Recherche Bay area, where a French Expedition  visited in 1793 to search for their lost hero: La Perouse. 120 x 120 cm  Oil on linen (for sale after it has travelled through th...

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Searching the Bay
Recherche Bay, Tasmania The second of my series based on the futile attempt of the French  d’Entrecasteaux expedition  to find missing explorer  La Pérouse .  It is named in honour of the  Recherche , one of the expedition's ships. They spent 26 days collec...

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Searching for La Perouse
A view of Recherche Bay, Tasmania Australia. This bay is almost at the bottom of the world! It is the furthermost point that a car, and a stroke survivor (my husband, Bob) could walk to. We were there in February 2016, and I painted and photographed the sit...
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