December 17/2015, I showed a 800 km Rotation of Oregon to Washington, USA, where the Base was Mendocino, CA at 40.439N latitude. 800 km over a N-S meridian is 7.2 degrees of Latitude change, and this is the spread of the Cascades- for Mt. Lassen, CA to Mt. Olympus, done by EARTH TIDES!
Cascades and the OR WA coastline orients South to North (youngest), as the ARROWS indicate; how is this done? Moon, Sun, and Venus are the Prime Movers- for N-S, E-W, and Diagonals (Dominantly)!
Geologists trace Features via Mapped Faults, and more easily are the Fracture Lines (Linears) measured in outcrops. Orthogonal Linears are common- but are generally ignored! Erosion follows the Slices made by these tiny Laterals.
Photos show a case on a smaller scale- that of the Laverkin Canyon- on the SW side of the ZION UPLIFT, being a Creek which has followed Fractures on a 1-10 km Scale. Although part of the Colorado Plateau, Cp, there is a BIFURCATION- where 2 creeks follow 2 separate Arcuate fracture Systems! Wider Diameter indicates the Older, so that Ash Creek is Older than Laverkin! Since Ash never cuts Cp- but is Older- the Cp has moved Westward (by Earth Tides), overtaking the older feature! Age of the Spiral of Zion is younger than the 2 million year Hurricane fault- which separates Ash and Laverkin faults! One million year Basalts have been cut and separated by Hf, pinning the Ages of the movements to less than 2 m.y. 
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