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Harold Overton
Engineering professor, Houston, Tx,Bandung, Java, and Ankara, Turkey
Engineering professor, Houston, Tx,Bandung, Java, and Ankara, Turkey

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As found on Google Earth, there is a prograde advance of Earth's slight Bulge (ahead of Earth-Moon alignment); this slows Earth Rotation, while our Moon moves 3.8 cm away per year (slowing also)- increasing our year length, in Time!

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James Bay (south of Hudson Bay) is aligned with a coast leading to an Archipelago- which is Triangular (arcs 3 ways), and the convexity points south (<, indicating that part of the Arctic Ocean is enlarging! See if you can spot it+?

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Science (not Séance) Should have more Skeptics within its ranks; I see few- along with rejectionists, and always take the view that the main Service I can provide is to look for Flaws (and I generally find the major ones)!

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Latest quake epicenters will yield recent Transforms when you use the bare Data; mixing with earlier ones will obscure any chance of plotting for Linear Paths!

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I raised Tomatoes in my Bay window, and now am ready to hang the pots outside; I'll find wire brackets for supports, or make them of clothes hangers!

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Lake Albert, on the African Rift- West fork is near the Equator, and can measure 10,000 km along a Meridian to 90 degrees south in Antarctica, and one of the 2 sides will have vertical Spalling!

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Aussies will want to get out for this Ellipse-shaped Eclipse, since you're gonna get some Shade!

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Argentina's Chilicito (little Chile) I might need- if I had the beans to go with it! Mantle case is better than a "Mental curse".

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Indonesia is the most representative of Volcanic Arcs- having at least 2 eruptions now out of 150 known Craters in the chain of islands. Kalimantan is the Focus, and it is shown first- with oldest rocks of Triassic age, I'll date at 256 million years (PTr boundary- Permian Triassic). What creates this uplift- which has few quakes and no active vulcanism now, but is the center of it all?
Having lived in Bandung,Java and seen 4 of the islands (Bali, Kalimantan, and Sumatra), I explored and developed a curiosity for this Retrograde (South to SW) expansion of an Arc via Vulcanism and will compare it to the Aleutians, Antilles, and the non-volcanic Florida Keys.
Appalachian Orogeny of 256 M.y. is an event in the Quartering series:1024,256,64,16 - which have lateral shift of mass on Earth's surface, and which causes subsequent retro-Reversal of EARTH Tides.
Photos are shown for the Columbia 16 M.y. basalts, 64 Deccan traps, and 256 Appalachian Orogeny. These help by comparison with the Moon-Venus events.
Following is Conjecture:
Based on 3 factors:
A. Binary set of numbers- 1024 M.y Grand Canyon Great Uncomformity, 512 Burgess shale, 256 Appalachian, 128 Cretaceous, 64 Chixculub, 32 Oligocene, 16 Columbia Basalts.
B. Libration of our Moon's periodic try to "break free" at 256, 64,16 million years;
C. Venus close approach at 1024 M.y. in conjunction with our Moon, creating scraping of mass- seen in Grand Canyon Great Uncomformity!
Find any Interpretation of the Orogeny at 256 million, or thereabouts- considering that geological errors will exceed mine: e.g.65 vs 64, or at least 1 percent!
See comments, for another geology Conjecture- the continental collision.

What happened with the Aleutians, Antilles, and Florida keys- that created a "spinoff" of the tits of Alaska, Yucatan, and Florida to form an Arc of islands? Not a significant mass shift, since the islands are small-scale relative to the Radius of the archipelago, but an expansion of the Radius to allow levering of the force available (F x R = work or energy-Heat increase)! an Event has occurred to make the Crust unstable and this is continually offset by shift in an Arcuate expansion (even now, after 256 million years)! Question remains: what was the event (even continental collision requires an impetus)?
Work (energy) is needed to move mass away from its stationary position; Heat is equivalent to work, and the Force of Gravitational attraction mg can be exerted by our Moon and Venus's close orbiting. What can create the Quartering, a rare combination? Lateral shift of the Crust is not of Mantle plumes origin, but what about the rejected plates; they still require energy to move them (10-100 times as much- for uplift)!
Forget plumes and plates- these are foisted to get budgets; better is to find Energy sources! Radioactive heat is insufficient, as are magnetic, telluric currents, and sunshine. Only Gravitational is omnipresent- the weak force, but abundant!
Next, view the FL Keys of 1-2 million age (ice age)- which is a quarter of 4 m.y. Byam Martin in Arctic islands; photo shows it pointing convex to North ^, and without Gt, that at least 4 is required for heat or vulcanism!

A. Archipelagos are expanding to offset a shifting Crust, so that a small amount of mass can be leveraged over a large distance;
B. Arcs are limited in angular extent, to proceed in the direction of mass paucity;
C. Arcs produce little heat initially, increasing with time (acceleration?); and
D. Archipelagos are Retrograde- moving opposite to normal ET, and may not be treated with plate theory!
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