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Focal Point: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions is now available in print+digital and standalone digital editions.

DriveThruRPG digital:

Direct print+digital and digital:

Focal Point is also part of two discounted bundles, one collecting the complete "accidental trilogy" and covering session prep and campaign management in addition to running sessions, and the other including every Engine Publishing title.

I would love to see more reviews of Focal Point, so if you have a blog, podcast, or other public space where you'd like to talk about the book, drop me a line: martin enginepublishing com. I have print+digital and digital review copies available.
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I'm looking for an app or program (free) that would alow me to change the quality of music tracs, to make them sound lika old, raspy grammophone records, preferably with the sound a bit thinner, not so stereo, surround sound. This is for the mood setting for a post apocalyptic game. I'm not even sure this is possible but if anyone has any ideas, please share. 

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A work in progress. First try to make a somewhat nice map to my upcoming fantasy campaign. Also first attempt to not be just a lurker here.
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