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Add Interactivity to your Brochure !!!
Add Interactivity to your Brochure !!!


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Usually we use normal paper brochure/greetings for our product marketing or invites but that’s too common. Add interactivity to your brochure by adding audio visuals to it. Interesting…??? So how does it works… a video plays when viewer opens the card. A video brochure or a video card can be customized as per your convenience so that it can help to enhance your product details leaving a good impression on your customers. A video brochure can be game winning advertising tool as your message comes live through the new advanced technology having HD quality, small LCD screen and stereo sound and its also handy to use.
The VIDEOCARD or VIDEO BROCHURE is printed packaging with
• A Micro-thin LCD Screen, 
• PCB Boards, 
• Speakers And 
• Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Along With A USB Connection
The VIDEO card is superb for 
• Presentations, 
• Invites, 
• Direct Marketing Advertising And 
• Promotions. 
• Product launch
• Promotions
• Impressive way to meet your clients
For further details contact 
Video brochures
Thinkpoint Brand Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Chakala, Andheri, East,
Mumbai 400099
Call +91 22 65801352

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