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I started PT with Allie over 2 yrs ago now at the Waterford Clinic. I then followed Allie to the Troy clinic and now here to the Southfield clinic, I am proud to say she is not only the DPT at this clinic, she is also the Clinic Director, which is more than well deserved!
When I first came to Allie I was depressed and in constant pain. I did not do much through out each day other than get out of bed and lay on my sofa after getting the kids off to school. I slept off and on all day, did what I could when the kids got home from school, got dinner out of the way and longed to get the kids in bed so i could get into mine. That was my life.
My doctor had ordered PT several times and in an attempt to shut her up, I went. I had no other expectations than to show my doctor how foolish this idea was. I lived on 800mg of motrin 3 times a day and prayed for a miracle. Prior to this stage in my life I had been active with children, foster children, owned a daycare and was always going to an activity and then another. I was busy and active. I enjoyed swimming, dancing, walking, skating and many other fun adventures but somewhere my back decided it did not like to move and little by little I ended up living on my couch. I really did not expect any way out. But then I met Allie and she met me.
Honestly, I have never been an easy person to deal with. I like getting my way and I have not really enjoyed being told what to do. But Allie has not accepted that part of me and my growing pains have been just that, pains! Physical and emotional but through it all I am very pleased to say I have come a very long way. I do tell Allie often how much she has helped me grow both physically and emotionally, she is much younger than I but in so many ways so much older! I don't think she really understands how great she really is! She has made me not only a better feeling person but a better and stronger person overall and a better parent! I do adore her! I have made growth in ways I never ever thought I would in life let alone in PT. I am happy to say as well, I no longer live on Motrin, at 61 yrs old I only take my thyroid medicine I have taken since I was 15 yrs old and Allegra for allergies. Pretty good for an old lady!
One thing you will find with Allie is she will only push you as far as she knows you can go. She will go slowly with you and help you to the very best of her ability. She meets everyone where they are, at each stage and will always support you and help you feel better. You have to do the work, but with Allie you will begin to feel that effort you put into it and you will soon begin to feel better. You will never feel judged, you will always feel supported and leave feeling better in the long run than you did when you began. You do have to work to get there, don't expect it to happen fast or without any effort on your part.
There is also an extension to PT called the next step program. I am in that now. The nice part of this is that you can continue to do the exercises you have been doing in PT and continue to get even stronger and with Allie still watching over you, you can begin to add new exercises to go even further in your recovery. You can work on other parts of your body as well and because Allie knows your body and has worked with you she can help you know what is safe and not safe to do or try. This is a more flexible program as you can do what you want to do within reason and you can come when the time is convenient for you.
The atmosphere at this clinic is so very welcoming. You will always be greeted with a friendly hello and how are you doing by the best PT tech and office administrator, Tiffany. She is such a warmth of sunshine to your day! She makes you feel special and you will feel happier when you leave than when you came in. She has been such a great addition to Allie's clinic, a great team! I do not take to new people well but I can say I have had no problem warming up to Tiffany, I enjoy her smile and sweet voice on the phone as well as in person! I adore her too~! She makes me feel very welcomed and special each time I come in or call. She also has wonderful ideas that have made Allie's clinic a little bit above the rest, like handles on the steps so you don't have to fumble getting them back where they belong and others as well. She is quick to take action when things need to happen and is quite a support to Allie so she can spend her time on you and your needs.
You will also make new friends and have fun! Everyone is there for the same goal, to feel better, it can be fun to be together as you go through PT with Allie and Tiffany! It hurts a little less when you can laugh and smile together!
I highly recommend this clinic for your PT needs! You will be very glad you came!
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