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Ready-made Clojure developers Circle - WIP
from and people who circled me

Circle to import, 103 circled (21 July):

Rich Hickey

Christopher Redinger

Constantine Vetoshev

Vivek Khurana

Joop Kiefte

Riyaad Allie

Allen Johnson

Adam Lesperance

Claudia Doppioslash

Jonathan Cardoso

Bill Smith

Brian Forester

Charlie Griefer

Sergey Didenko

Lorenzo Bosco

Justin Lilly

David Jagoe

Mark Engelberg

Lars Heidieker

Danny Collins

yiguang hu

Ian Phillips

Robert Berger

Devin Walters

Glen Stampoultzis

Elías Alonso

Islon Scherer

Justin Heyes-Jones

Tony Lara

Dave Ray

Kyle Root

Neal Jansons

Ian Phillips

Angel Java Lopez

Tuba Lambanog

Nick Brown

Frank Gerhardt

glen lenker

Daniel Renfer

Florian Over

Ben Smith-Mannschott

Jeremy Heiler

santosh nidamarthy

Denis Labaye

Julian Gamble

Dajun Duan

James Cooper

Antoni Batchelli

Hugo Duncan

Bassel Abul-Hajj

Harsha Sanjeewa

Remco van 't Veer

Lars Rune Nøstdal

Nikhil Prabhakar

Guillaume Alain

Baishampayan Ghose

Jeff Weiss

Yoav Rubin

Philipp Meier

Alexandre Héaumé

Alexander Duscheleit

hunter hutchinson

Geoff Wilson

Alex Ott

Nick Zbinden

David Miller

David Soria Parra

Howard Lewis Ship

Brian McKenna

Tom Hickey

Drew Raines

Ram Krishnan

pat shields

Maurits Rijk

Nick Main

Corey Haines

Drew Whitehouse

Randall Thomas

Paul Drummond

Martin Clausen

Christian Blunden

Sean Corfield

Hubert Iwaniuk

Matthew Gilliard

Aidan Finn

Matthew Boston

Frank Failla

Jim Powers

Paul deGrandis

Ryan Slobojan

Lars Gregori

Roger Austin

Greg Fodor

Justin Bozonier

Régis Gaidot

Paul Michael Bauer

Ryan Crum

chetan conikee

Ed Bowler

Stan Dyck

Antonio Terreno

Creighton Kirkendall

Daniel Glauser

Daniel Jomphe

Sebastián Galkin

Tassilo Horn

Eric Budd

Sunil Nandihalli

Stian Almaas

Simon Holgate

Andrew Smith

Alen Ribic

Chris Houser

Herwig Hochleitner

Emeka lewis

Stefan Kamphausen
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