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I do music

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Goodbye, LinkedIn. I see no reason for you to exist.

I was born 10 years too late. I should have been the keyboardist for Bon Jovi.

"Anonymous" just released hacked data from US law enforcement sites, w/ identities of confidential informants, home addresses of officers.

Ya know, with a few poorly placed key changes, you can get the range of The Star-Spangled Banner down to a P5. #challengeaccepted

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Warren Buffett puts the S&P downgrade in perspective: ""Think about it. The U.S., to my knowledge owes no money in currency other than the U.S. dollar, which it can print at will."

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I'm not really a fan, but this is still interesting. Rage Against the Machine's 1st public show ever, 1991 at Cal State Northridge. Rage Against The Machine - First Public Performance (Full Concert)

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I have never wanted to be invited to a party more in my life!

Back to writing for my FAVORITE ensemble, the APU Men's Chorale. Never seen a group of musicians more passionate about digging in!

"There is no such thing as a 'rule' in music. Art is a law unto itself." Elizabeth Green in "Orchestral Bowings". I love this book!

Some days, you carve the stone. Some days, you sharpen the tools. In other news, I'm installing software updates in the lab today.
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