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Biking on MDI
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This will destroy the hover board 
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Science is being defunded around the world.
Help us spread the importance of science, by sharing this video

Despite our achievements, science and society are often at odds. Scientific discoveries like the Earth is round, that our planet revolves around the sun, or that diseases are spread through germs were all once ideas that were rejected by society. So much so that Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for suggesting the Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe, and even Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for supporting the theory. Today we see the rejection of scientific evidence for vaccinations - leading to preventable disease like measles coming back, after being wiped out in the year 2000; or the rejection of scientific evidence for climate change, despite the vast consensus among scientists.

Let's spread our love of science further, so others can learn to understand and appreciate it! Your sharing is appreciated
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Still true to this day
Meanings of phrases in scientific articles!
Shared by +Ajish M
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Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson ·  
I’m feeling pensive & reflective of years gone by. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share some of these observations...

#WhenIWasYourAge : None of my toothpaste tubes could stand up on their caps.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Anything wrapped in plastic was easy to open.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Weather predictions were no more than guesses about whether it might rain tomorrow.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Pluto was a planet, but those "in the know" all knew its days were numbered.
#WhenIWasYourAge : It took a whole hour to bake a potato.
#WhenIWasYourAge : It took a week to learn whether your photos came out okay.
#WhenIWasYourAge : We had to open all doors by ourselves. None of them knew we were coming.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Being "all thumbs" meant you were clumsy.  Today it means you’re good at texting.
#WhenIWasYourAge : You had to actually get off your butt, and approach the TV to change the channel.
#WhenIWasYourAge : There were hardly any one-way streets.
#WhenIWasYourAge : People were skinnier.
Want more?  Or am I clogging your inbox?
- #WhenIWasYourAge : Your expected age of death was much closer to your age of retirement.
#WhenIWasYourAge : We went to the Moon,  nine times. Today, in low Earth - Orbit, we boldly go where hundreds have gone before.
#WhenIWasYourAge : The meat in a fast-food Hamburger was as large as the Bun itself.
#WhenIWasYourAge : You knew where & when the constellations could be found in the sky by using your “Brain App”.
#WhenIWasYourAge : My car got seven miles per gallon. With a tail-wind.
#WhenIWasYourAge : We used large Maps made of paper, and none of us could ever re-fold them back the way they came.
#WhenIWasYourAge : When you fell off the monkey-bars in the playground you landed on cement.
#WhenIWasYourAge : The average Watermelon had a Billion seeds in it.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Before Xerox copiers, we all got high in elementary school by smelling mimeograph ink.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Earth's daily rotation was about a half a millisecond faster than today.
#WhenIWasYourAge : On average, the Moon was about 1.5 meters closer to Earth than it is today.
#WhenIWasYourAge : We made phone calls in Phone Booths, which is also where Superman occasionally changed his clothes.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Your home telephone could drop to the floor thousands of times and never break.
#WhenIWasYourAge : No matter what they contained, Bottles were not squeezable.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Airplanes were so loud, you had to pause your conversation whenever one flew overhead.
#WhenIWasYourAge : People were never "living with their disease". We cured them. Or they died from it.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Exhaust from City buses billowed at the perfect height for everybody nearby to inhale it.
#WhenIWasYourAge : PaulSimon wrote this pre-GlobalWarming lyric "The autumn winds blow chilly & cold, September I'll remember”
#WhenIWasYourAge : We actually used a sheet of paper laced with carbon to make a carbon copy, “the cc:" of a Letter.
#WhenIWasYourAge : There were ten known asteroids with orbits crossing Earth's. Now, we know more than ten-thousand.
#WhenIWasYourAge : There was hardly any transparent plastic.
#WhenIWasYourAge : You needed a can opener to open a can of beer. And you’d put two holes in it. The second, for air flow.
#WhenIWasYourAge : Looking up somebody's number in the Phone Book was only one of a dozen household uses for it.
#WhenIWasYourAge : The Soviet KGB would’ve killed for the surveillance & checkpoint measures that are common in the USA today

Thanks for your time.  I think I’ve got only one more left in me...

#WhenIWasYourAge: Religion was taught in Sunday School, not in your Science Classroom.
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Makes perfect sense. Isn't this what the modern cosmology all about? Everything from nothing...
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