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Guys Please like this video :)´╗┐
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Bishwajit kumar

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Everyone simply commenting that how bad this is to sell their child but what will happen to you when you have no food for a week. Our gods stays in their place and they gave people choice to make. They choose to sell their sex. If anyone really want to help then please help the country to gain financial strength but specially american will never do that. There is one amazing fact that american citizen and media will go to places like this and they will just show their tears but american governments are behind all these. Turn the pages in history and you will see Americans are behind all the wars. American people are good but why the hell the choose idiot government. Every american president is worst then Hitler. Please stop war and start loving humans. We are all same and we will all be prised for our good deed and we will all be judged by god at the end, doesn't matter which god we follow. Help these child please´╗┐
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