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Computation Language Intelligence Nature Evolution
Promoting a scientific exploration of the causal emergence of complexity.
Promoting a scientific exploration of the causal emergence of complexity.

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CLINE was established to encourage and facilitate the scientific exploration of the intersection of computation, language, information, complexity, and intelligence as they are influenced by, and influence, the process of evolution.

Of particular interest to this group is the development of self-evolving systems. The assumption is that apex systems evolve toward greater and greater complexity-handling capacity. Some call this "artificial intelligence," but we have trouble with the term as it: 1) suggests a difference between artificial and non-artiificial intelligence, and, 2) tends to conjure images of mad scientists Frankenstein-ing frighteningly clever hand-coded domestic help that stand creepily in the corner while we sleep.

Darwin started the ball rolling a hundred years ago. Today, we are interested in the discovery of an inclusive and generalized abstraction of change that is independent of domain in which biology isn't special. Where Darwin explained the HOW of evolution as regards biology, we seek the WHY of evolution in all systems. What can be said of change in systems? Why does change happen? Is change directional? What defines the directionality of change? What, ultimately, is the result of change, and what brackets the range of events and structures that are possible within a changing system?

Every human endeavor, every field of research, every industry and infrastructure, every policy and government is gated by its capacity to process complexity. In computation, we have acquired great potential. But computation has hit a complexity wall. We can replicate and store great amounts of raw data, but we have trouble extracting meaning from that data. Without meaning, information becomes increasingly oppressive. Can we break through the wall that separates flat data from actionable information? This is the foundational challenge facing humanity today.

And finally, I feel it important to emphasize that CLINE is only interested in the exploration and development of empirically compliant theory. Your ideas can be as wild as you like, but they must never conflict with the cannon of measurement-based theory collectively called "science".

CLINE actively leans away from engineering and toward science. There is something about the immediacy of writing code and designing hardware that grabs hold of our brain, holds us down in the trees, and won't let us float up to where we might see the forest. As a result, there is less and less science in Computer Science – lots of practice, very little theory. CLINE is the anti-engineering prescription this Silicon Valley needs but won't admit needing. Medication time!

Thank you, and welcome to the jungle!

Randall Lee Reetz, CLINE Founder

Note: CLINE is in the process of designing and administrating a yearly international Self Evolving Systems competition – "The CLINE Challenge" (in the "DARPA X Prize" tradition).

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