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Effy Stonem
When I was younger I used to be a huge fan of "Skins UK". I can still remember watching the newest episodes every evening in the web, though the series wasn't on tv in Poland. Well... Effy Stonem was always the character that intrigued be the most. I can't ...

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Hello and welcome (again)
It's been a while since I last posted here or elswhere. But I'm back. Back with brand new stuff. The blog itself will get a brand new layout as well. So just follow me for brand new sims stuff. Also visit my modthesims profile HERE

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Miss Winter
In the last few days I have published some wintery creations. They were all presented by a lovely sim which is my creation too so today I decided to upload her too so everybody who likes her can download it :) The sim is my creation as same as the dress and...

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Miss Winter Dress
Hello :) This creation is the second part of my wintery set project. It's called "Miss Winter Dress". It isn't my full creation. It's just a recolor of mesh made by Biene but the mesh IS INCLUDED in the file, so you don't have to be woried about where to se...

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Frostbitten make-up set
Hey guys :) Today I prepared for you a trully wintery set of makeup :) In Poland it's getting quite cold and this inspired me to create this set :) I hope you'll like it :) Please rate & comment! :* DOWNLOAD

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Hillsdale Plant Store
Yay! I'm back! :D Today I'm here for you with brand new stuff - Hillsdale Plant Store. It consists of a small boot, greenhouses with plants and the outside part of the shop with lawnmowers etc. ;) All the things such as those lovely greenhouses and plants f...

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Don't worry... I'm alive ;)
Hi guys :) I'm very sory that I haven't posted anything in the last month. To be honest, it's very hard for me to post anywhere nowadays. It's because I have plenty of work at school. I'm having my final exams in May and it costs me a lot of effort to prepa...

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Hillsdale - Hill Cottage
Today I'd like to present you first creation out of Hillsdale project. It's a lovely cottage placed on a hill. This house is rather small, I could say starter. It consists of a large living area, kitchen, one bathroom and bedroom. It also has a parking plac...

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New project in! - Hillsdale
Today and idea came to my mind. It's not like I'm doing nothing but creating new stuff in the game. I'm a constant player as well. But maxis neighbourhoods became very boring for me lately. So I decided to create my own world (for the first time LOL). It'll...

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Hey guys :) Here I am again with my new creation - a sim called Thalia. It's maybe hard to belive but I spent hours to make her look perfect (at least for me) and I think I did a great job! Everything is included accept the hair and the dress... The hair is...
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