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Cliff Etters
Bacon maker, Bourbon drinking, Game player
Bacon maker, Bourbon drinking, Game player

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Doing a bit of base color work on a Shaltari Coyote Command Vehicle.

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From a photo by Andrew Huff.

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Surprised/Not Surprised
Not sure where this pic was snapped, but it comes from Board Game Geek's Twitter feed: See the original  here .

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The Conan board game  Kickstarter came to an end today and topped out at $3.3M! Congrats to Monolith games for one helluva successful Kickstarter campaigns. I'm looking forward to getting my copy of the game and all of the crazy stretch goals. Great. More f...

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Adepticon 2015
Hey out there to all my board game and card game fans! Chicagoland's own Adepticon 2015 has put together a board and card game weekend badge. The
weekend badge is $25, and it gets you access to the library of games, and
enters you into the Play to Win compe...

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A small update to share a bit of WIP on a Freikorps Strong Arm suit. Or auf Deutsch: Starken Arm Anzug. Which sounds much more bad ass. Without further ado: As always, comments and questions are welcome!

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Malifaux Sneak Peek
Wyrd Miniatures has released a sneak peek at the art for the Peacekeeper model: Image property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC I like the way that it's using one set of arms for locomotion/stability. Though looking at it and considering base sizes it might be trick...

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Playing Monopoly
(Monopoly is a Parker Brother game. Image from As gamers we’ve all busted out that board before, scrambled
to get the token we want before anyone else grabbed it, and even had arguments
whether there should be a pot of cash associated w...

Fuck you insomnia. Fuck you right in your fuckin' face.

'k. I'm going to try to wean myself off of FB gradually and try to do more here in G+. I like it better...
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