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Jeff Gibson
There's no time, hurry up. Everything is so fantastic.
There's no time, hurry up. Everything is so fantastic.

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I hope you will all consider giving these gentlemen your vote!

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The voter registrations? Unprecedented.
The support in the major polls? Unprecedented.
The coverage in the mainstream media outlets? Unprecedented.
The electability of the probable Libertarian candidate? Precedented only by his 2012 run.

There has never been a better year to go all-in on a +Libertarian Party ticket.

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An opinion I happen to agree with. I like how the cited Venice and Fez as examples - both very exciting places to wander around.

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When intelligent robots start seeing these videos ... probably.

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Aren't tourists supposed to be immersed in things they do not understand?  This seems like a win for the Third Reich.

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Considering how good his recent film 'The Visit' was, I am stoked.

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I was attacked, by some idiot in the projects:


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This was a fun read about court circuit ping pong and a lone Sotomayor who wants your stuff for government markets.
The Supreme Court uproots a preposterous government program.

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Televised music at the peak of form?

everybody who wishes me a happy birthday on + today owes me ten dollars LOL

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