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I found a way to download the analytics data including visitors, IP location, and company and source from LinkedIn!!!!!

Too bad I am talking about Slideshares and not the main property of LinkedIn's Business Media Network.

Slideshares insight is the name of their (now free) analytics tool . It lacks only a few of the many features available to enterprise customers. This is what Inmail results should include, but are free for all:

• Action specific drill-down for each post
• Time-date stamped
• Geo - IP location
• Organization if available
• Referrer
• Export to excel

Read the rest via link

Happy with Vysor Pro. Wish I had switched sooner.

With Custom Key Bindings + Nav, can I add Zoom in/out?

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Why has supervised user been "manage/su" still in beta? The most common uses haev been ignored while the need is still great. Royal pain to delete a user just to turn off this feature.

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This is the view from the new look link shortening service. Notice anything grey?


I was about to launch a fun contest today via Google forms using validation to self score the test (short answer, text > must contain = answer). Works great until you look at the source code and see all the answers. What a piss poor way to implement quizzes in Google Forms.

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Social media risks and rewards via Grant Thornton

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Slides from my webinar on web scraping using +kimonolabs and a few other tools and technologies for modern recruiting & sourcing.  

Started playing with ARChon Custom Runtime on Windows.  Looking for working crx of instagram or weibo if anyone can help.

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I went looking for a Star Trek / LCARS style powerpoint template and came up with nothing.  Please point me in the right direction if anyone knows where to buy.
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