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Philippe Tessier
Borders are only imaginary lines on a map.
Borders are only imaginary lines on a map.


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Sugar Mobile and VoLte
I recently switched my phone service provider from Freedom Mobile in Canada to Sugar Mobile. Who is Sugar Mobile ? Sugar Mobile uses wifi and LTE for calling. It's a basic service that gives you phone and text capabilities on your cell phone. Rather then us...

Tonight is my last night teaching. I'm looking for someone to take over the calendar management. Or I could just shut it down if there is no value in having it up and running anymore

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Looking to trade these shifts for Thursday night the 26th.

Anyone available to take an 8 PM, 9PM, 10 PM tonight shift. Sat 30th. Watching my wifes dad and I'm about 3hrs from home right now. Flexible on when I can switch to but I do have classes sun-wed this week in the evenings. 

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Video tutorial on how to post shifts to Google Calendar.

Hey guys,

Just made a quick video on how to use the Google calendar. Hopefully it helps any who are having a hard time.

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Google Calendar.

Make sure that you enter the times you want to swap in the appropriate time and day. Do not select all day.

I am trying to add people as quickly as possible and up to date for now I believe.

Happy Trading.

What does this mean when trying to swap and how do we fix it.

Click to Open Sidebar Workflow Action Failed to Trigger FlowThe record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 30131000000U04E. Contact your administrator for help. 

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Hi Guys,

I think the spreadsheet was a good idea, but I've taken it a step further. I created a google calendar just for trade. If you want to be included comment your email address on this post I will add you to the calendar. There is a public link to see it. I will add names tomorrow as the list grows. To enter a trade go to the date and time you want to trade, add the Shift ID number - YOUR NAME. Then in description add what times you would like to trade for. This way we can at a glance see what's available on a specific day without searching through posts.
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