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i am in dubai

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feel of love every one!

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Lets Celebrate 65th Republic Day 
Unfurl the tricolor flag, Indians!
And hoist it high upon the mast;
And let it move in freedom’s wind;
And make the country, Indians, proud!
Salute the national flag, Indians!
And sing the song of freedom’s love!
Remember how freedom was won
By Fighters’ Struggle, sacrifice!
Pray for the lives lost in the fight,
And emulate their examples;
Learn to be patriotic more,
And do our duty with fervor.
Take oath to serve our motherland;
Bharat is home of Indians;
We love its varied heritage;
All Indians are our fellowmen!
Let’s foster love, peace, harmony;
Let’s make the country better still;
Let’s unite against terrorism;
Let’s make India, a nation strong!
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!
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good morning

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my sweet memory how is it?

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good bye 2013 welcome to 2014
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Anjali Tendulkar: The Lady behind the Master Blaster 
Read more here about the #Tendulkar couple 

Some interesting facts: 
1. Anjali has hardly ever given an interview.
2. She is rarely visible in the public limelight. 
3. She never regrets giving up her career for Sachin.
4. Anjali has hardly ever come to the stadium to watch Sachin play. She was always clear that he needed to focus on the game.

To read more about #sachintendulkar  in #cricketnews, SEE this
*IN PICS: A billion hearts say 'Thank You Sachin' *
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