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Tri Tac Games Podcast!
The Greatest Game you Never Heard Of!
The Greatest Game you Never Heard Of!

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The team talks about how to make your game better using new resources. Everything from physical to virtual to multimedia to social media.

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Wasn't it christmas just last week?  So now we have to make plans for the next year.  How can we make our gaming experience even more awesome than it is playing tri tac games products?

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This week we present part 1 of the 2013 Christmas episode. We talk about what it would be like to bring back the ultimate technology from the Fringepaths and how that would affect society.

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Episode 185: Bureau 13 Revelation part 1

The Omega Event has happened.  Something so serious that Bureau 13 has to announce its existence to the world.  What happens afterward?  This week we examine that sea change through the lens of the standard Bureau 13 npcs in the Friends, Enemies and In Betweens section of the 2008 bureau 13 edition.  

Please note that we decided that if nothing really changed for a npc or npc group with the Revelation, then we would not include it in this podcast examination.  So we didn't forget your favorite npc, it was just business as usual.

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This week we finish our discussion on how to introduce fairytale adventures or fairytale elements into your games.

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This week we go deep into the dark woods, leaving a few bread crumbs, and talk about fairytales in your adventures.

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Episode 172: Surviving the Zombie Holocaust, Part 2

Welcome back to our second episode on surviving the Zombie Holocaust! This time around John and Bruce wheel out their ideas on the best places to hide from those nasty zombies, Amber takes us on a boat trip, Paul goes to jail, and then we go on a cruise on the Blood Boat with Bruce. Then we go spelunking and hiding out on various military bases.

So sit back, grab a beverage of your choice, some snacks... brains... and listen to the podcast!

Tonight on the Tri Tac Games Podcast recording session, we'll be talking about playing and dealing with player characters that are stinking rich. How do you handle a PC that's stinking rich, for whom, money is not an object?

What's been your experience is dealing with these kinds of characters?
What's been your experience in playing this kind of character?

Do these kinds of characters overpower other characters because they can buy just about anything on the equipment list?

We'd like to know your opinions about this topic.

We're talking to Mark Allen Kinney of All Games Considered about promoting your podcast and your game on the Tri Tac Games Podcast.
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