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Pedro Marques
I design how technology works. When you push a button on a website or app and something happens? I design what happens.
I design how technology works. When you push a button on a website or app and something happens? I design what happens.

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Well, here is a slide of a talk I've made here in Brazil about User Experience For Developers. I is in portuguese, let me know if you want to translate it or if you want some information.

The presentation goes around performance, front end development, interactions, and some dev hints.

I wrote down this little screenplay for me, it is almost every content of the presentation. I hope this can help anyone.


Development. Where the magic happens.
So, here we are. The designer have his role done, the Front End developer has his role done, and now? (HAMMER) Development time!

In a commun developer mind, at this point, everything is done, every part of the designing process is done, but no.
An important part of the user experience design isn’t yet all done. Design isn’t only the part made on photoshop, is the whole experience.

Lets create a case.

We have a social network, where the user can, post, comment and share content with his friends.
On his home page he sees everything, the place he can write content, the place hi can’t upload photos, everything awesomely easy. The design team (UX, UI, AI) made a great job. Is the easiest place to do all it wants to do.

And now? The user writes a post and click “Publish”. The action takes painful 10 seconds, 10 seconds who that user would be doing anything else. Lets say this user posts 5 posts a day. 22 days a week, every month of the year. In a week he will get tired of your social network, because anyone can wait for a action who lasts 10 seconds to be completed. 
Lets find out why this action takes so long time:

The user writes, the user clicks publish:

The developer didn’t thought about the user experience while using the social network, he made this:

After the user hits publish the system reads the content, then, allocate that in the servers, then, he sends that to a backup server, then, it displays the message on all of the user friends “timeline”, after then it shows that the message was fully published. 

It may seem a little “weird” process, but it happens. A lot of times. This may happen when the developer doesn’t have in mind the user experience, you, developer, are a major part of the process, because you make the magic happens.

Image processing, data base, and everything that comes togheter, your job is to make this part as less painful as you can.
A great product may be destroyed due to an issue of experience. 

As user experience designers our job is to manage the user expectations, the user expects to be delighted with the product, or tool, or system, we need to deliver it to him.

How can you do that? Here are some “things” you can think about while taking that warm coffee before you start programming your next job.

1 - Do the best you can. 

It may seem a little obvious but is something you need to do.

2 - How can I improve this?

Just cuz the work before you is “done", it doesn’t mean it can be improved, keep the word TEAM in your mind, talk with the designer, in the whole process, get to know your consumers profile, the websites he uses, their expectations.     

3 - Let the user know.

Keep him informed, an error has occurred? Weel, it happens, but tell him. The picture he uploaded isn’t in the right format? Tell him and say which ones are available. 

4 - Show.

In the social network case, you could have show the user the message published, and then perform all the other actions, the user will be happy, and everything will be fine in the end. 

This are some advices, they are not rules, there are no rules in this business, research is the word.

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Muito foda a palestra do +Bruno Albuquerque  sobre GO #devincompany  

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Pros prototypers de plantão! =D

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Opa!  O +Neto Marin comentou sobre guidelines de design pra Android estava dando uma estudada e achei esse vídeo então segue aí uma entrevista que saiu no canal do Google I/O


Android Design interview with Nick Butcher at Devoxx 2013
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