Things I don't need to be told on Google+.  

I posted that first.  
    Good for you.  I don't circle you.  Now you know why. Have a nice day.

Someone else posted that first.
    That's great! There's a lot of smart people on Google+ besides me.  You aren't one of them or you would have commented on their post instead of trolling mine.

That's old news.
    It's ALL old news the moment it's posted online.  Your comment however is most original. <snark>

I've already seen that years ago.
    May you enjoy another full year of seeing it again, all thanks to me.

See where I posted the same thing.  <inserted post link here>
    Only long enough to block you.

You should have reshared this from "so and so" at <G+ link inserted here> instead of posting this as new from you.
    It's new to me, asshole.
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