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Wanted to share the timeline of my FS universe. The timeline is shaped by official events as well as the three different campaigns I have gmed over the time.

Please comment and ask questions! Would be more than glad to answer!

First Chauki diplomatic mission to BZII fails when it is intercepted by Hazat forces in Pandemonium
Count Marchenko arrives to Pandemonium to address Hazat interests in the system
The Hazats stablish an alliance with the Parmathian Martyrs in Iver, financing the anti-Chauki guerilla
Questing Knight Ser Seoman Masseri arrives to Iver

Charioteers take the Iver Agora from the Scravers. In return they accept to transport the new chauki ambassador, Siona Chauki, to BZII
Siona Chauki arrives the imperial court after multiple failed assassination attempts. Salandra Decados take her under her protection
Decados support to Chauki ambassador tense relationship between the Decados and Hazats
A group of adventurers assault the Vau embassy in BZII and are taken by imperial forces and condemned to serve in Stigma
Chruch frigate "Purifier Flame" disappears in Kurgan space while hosting a Church "secret weapon"

The Imperial Eye successfully make contact with a non hostile symbiont faction in Daishan. The group of adventurers gets their sentence to Stigma commuted for the services provided
Questing Knight Ser Seoman Masseri returns to BZII with news of a Vau base in the Iver system. The news draw Imperial interests in to the system.
Decados - Hazat relations worsen with the new player in the fight for the Iver system resources
Puppet war starts in Iver. The system rulers, Chauki House, supported by the Decados and the Parmathian Martyrs, supported by the Hazat, start a civil war. The Empire tries to stop the war.
Knight Mijail Ruthven Decados is selected as Salandra Decados personal paladin and hitman and starts a meteoric rise in the Mantis Order.

Salandra Decados left BZII to take control of House Decados after Prince Vladimir "indisposition"
Siona Chauki contact the group of adventurers that took her to the court asking for escort back to Pandemoium to secretly meet Count Marchenko.
Siona's trail disapears in Cumulus without apparently being able to reach Pandemonium
As the war in Iver worsen the rumours about a possible Decados - Hazat war get stronger. Only Imperial and Church presence stops the war to propagate to other systems like Pandemonium


So I was wondering. Whats the official position of the Church about the Annunaki?

Don't know from where its backed, but probably has built in my mind from the different source books. But I think they see them as closer to the Pancreator. Gargoyles having a very spiritual value for the Church.

Is that right? What about the "bad Anunnaki"?

In my mind as well the different theurgy Angels map to actutal Annunaki beings as well as the Qlipoth demons. But do the Church officialy claim the same?

Your views and any references to sourcebooks would be more than welcome.

I can also elaborate my thoughts if someone is interested.

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So the finally found the Jumpgate and they dare to call it planet? :)

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Juan Casanova commented on a post on Blogger.
Muy buena forma de celebrarlo. :)

Me ha llamado la atención que no mencionases los hirelings. No llevabais a ninguno? Es una buena forma de mantenerse vivo y sacar partido a la carisma alta :)

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Enhorabuena! Vaya lista de proyectos... una pasada.

Vergüenza por la parte que me toca :$

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Que susto me has dado cabroncete ;). Descansa estas vacaciones que te las mereces! Y Octubre me parece buena fecha, si :D

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Muy chulas, en especial las del Hero Quest, y el hombre lagarto es de campeonato!

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Lo mismo tenian que ir a hacer la compra, o tenian huevos que empollar y no podían irse tan lejos... o simplemente les daba miedo acercarse alli :)

A mi la película me divirtió bastante :D

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