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It makes me sad to post this. My first negative experience with 5e so far.... The binding of my book just fell apart... Also the ink smears from finger contact on some pages. I LOVE the system. I question the books quality for the price I paid. Local game store is replacing it... Just hope I don't get another dud.

The Find Steed spell allows a Paladin to summon a rocken mount, there is a part that says "your DM might allow other animals to be summoned as steeds"  In League play would this be allowed?  Maybe if the CR was equal to or lower then the other mounts listed.

So I have ran the first two episodes of the Lost Mines for my Home group following the DnDAL rules.  I plan on playing this Thursday at my local game stores Encounters.  The question is can I start play in Horde of the Dragon Queen with a character with 600 Exp (thus starting at 2nd level).?  Thanks ahead of time!


Got my beautiful players handbook yesterday and have been having so much fun reading it. Question for those in the know. If I make a 2nd level paladin and the rest sorc can I use any spell slot for smiting? The rules seem to say yes because of how the multi class spell casting works. But under divine smite it says it uses paladin spell slots. Does the multi class rules on combining spells trump that and let you smite as a high lvl sorc low lvl pally?

I may have missed it but is there any renown or downtime days to award from the lost mines of phaldelver?

Do we know what the DM rewards are for running tables in Adventures League?  I'm running the starter set this weekend and am very excited.  Would be nice to know the fruits of my labor though :)  Thanks!
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