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David Blasco
Royal Enfield motorcycles in the U.S.
Royal Enfield motorcycles in the U.S.

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Royal Enfield's old Albion gearbox tells a story
Royal Enfield four-speed gearboxes, separated by 40-plus years. I've only just praised the obsolete Royal Enfield four-speed gearbox on my 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet, and along comes an eBay advertisement for a similar but obviously far older example of the ...

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Custom Royal Enfield tracker for sale on eBay
This custom Royal Enfield tracker ended up for sale on eBay. What happens to Royal Enfield specials? This one is for sale on eBay by CafeRacerXXX . Royal Enfield North America supplied the donor 2014 Continental GT and CafeRacerXXX readers voted on how it o...

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In praise of the Neutral Finder on four-speed Royal Enfields
Great idea: The neutral finder lever on the Royal Enfield Albion four-speed gearbox. I've endlessly criticized the Royal Enfield four-speed gearbox for the awkward linkage used to transfer shifting to the left side of the motorcycle to suit U.S. regulations...

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The 'Special Bullet' came in three Royal Enfield flavors
The Royal Enfield Special Bullet brochure emphasized racing. You got a dual seat and shiny alloy fenders, but otherwise the "Special Bullet" offered by Royal Enfield back in the day was mostly all business. This vintage Special Bullet brochure was recently ...

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Royal Enfield Owners Club UK's 'The Gun' magazine
The Gun magazine never fails to amuse and inform Royal Enfield enthusiasts everywhere. The June/July 2017 edition of The Gun, magazine of the Royal Enfield Owners Club UK is out and, as always, it is full of derring do, high comedy, low comedy and, of cours...

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Royal Enfields Rendezvous at 2017 U.S. Triumph rally
Royal Enfields gathered at 2016 Triumph Rally in Pennsylvania. Royal Enfield enthusiasts will rendezvous at the 24th Annual Triumph National Rally , Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 23, 24, and 25, 2017 at Oley Fairgrounds, 26 Jefferson St., Oley, Pa. Old a...

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Taking a closer look at a mighty little steam engine
There was no way to get my Royal Enfield Bullet next to the train, so we'll resort to adding the virtual version of me and my Bullet. We recently stopped by Fort Lauderdale's Holiday Park to take a closer look at the train engine that is the centerpiece of ...

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Royal Enfield WD/CO is a messenger from WWII era
Royal Enfield Model WD/CO was built for World War II. There's a very pretty wartime Royal Enfield WD/CO motorcycle for sale on CraigsList near Santa Cruz, Calif. The ad includes a link to a fun and informative video of a ride along the California coast that...

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1934 Royal Enfield Bullet looks magnificent
Could a Royal Enfield motorcycle look more dashing than this 1934 Bullet? The rare Royal Enfield pictured here belongs to Frank Martens, of La Palma, one of Spain's Canary islands, off the northwest coast of Africa. It's a "sloper" (with its cylinder canted...

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Should you buy a used Royal Enfield motorcycle?
It looked old but my Royal Enfield Bullet was dealer fresh in 2001. This blog lists Royal Enfields motorcycles for sale in the United States. I generally don't include Royal Enfields for sale by businesses, unless I find the bikes especially interesting or ...
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