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All sounds so intuitive.
Spent the morning installing the Windows 8 consumer preview. Spent the first 20 minutes after install trying to figure out how to find and launch apps.

Im in metro mode, app isnt listed, go to desktop mode.

No start button in desktop mode. ok. Google search and IM some friends, I find out you have to go back to Metro mode to launch apps. OK.

How do you get back to metro mode? More googling, more IMing.

Hover mouse over bottom left of window. What? How is that discoverable?

ok. In metro mode,but it doesn't list all apps. Specifically, I am looking for a cmd prompt. More googling.

Finally figured it out:

Windows Key - F, select apps, then type name of your app.


Hopefully it won't take as long to uninstall as it did to install.
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Maybe it'll ship with one of those nifty keyboard shortcut overlays that things WordPerfect used to give you!
They could always bring back Clippy from MS Office. "Hey Buddy! It looks like you're trying to launch an app! Interested in some templates?"
Once Metro'd up, though, he'd be a colored square with no face.
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