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IT'S NOT ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS (Or "Let's Talk White Privilege")
Trigger w-- Ah, fuck it. I've just been told my posts in regards to racism and white privilege in America have a lack of compassion for my white friends as individuals. Even to the point where I have been accused of being bigoted against white people. My fi...

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“Did You Even Have a Childhood?”
No, I have never seen “The Little Mermaid.” No, I never watched “The Proud Family.” Yes, I hated “Space Jam.” Yes, I grew up in the 1990’s. Yes, I am a 90’s kid. “Jesus Christ,” you’re thinking. “Did you even have a childhood?” Potter, Disney, Nickelodeon, ...

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A Response to Lauren Martin's "The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot and Who Are Beautiful."
The attached article from EliteDaily's Lauren Martin  has been frequently popping up on my Facebook feed for the past couple months. The first few times I saw it I scrolled past it, simply noticing that the large majority of people who were posting it were ...
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