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The Goodman Games pop-up booth at U-Con didn't take all my money this I placed an order on their website to finish the job. Thanks +Brendan LaSalle​! 

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I'm SO EXCITED to playtest Black Sun Deathcrawl by +James MacGeorge tonight with my local gaming group. They have been super-supportive and instrumental to me learning how to be a Judge. I'm hoping they have a good time...I mean, what's more fun than clawing away at the last shredded remains of your hope and existence?

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Maps, maps, and more maps!
It has arrived!

The 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review is now available for sale in print and PDF.

The print edition is $16.00 at Lulu, the PDF is $7.50 at OBS.

The print edition comes with a coupon code (in the book unfortunately instead of in email, sorry!) that gets you the PDF edition for $2. So if you want both, buy the print edition first.

88 pages of maps with annotations curated from the maps posted to the Dodecahedron throughout 2015 (basically all the maps posted except for the MegaDelve maps which spanned 2014-2015 and will be put into their own book soon enough).

More information and links to where to buy them here:

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Who's tracking their participation for the 2016 World Tour? I've been hearing interesting words like "leaderboards" and "swag." (Source:

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Michigan East-siders: the Mid-Michigan DCCRPG Community needs you. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Wyandotte, Novi, Warren, Royal Oak, Metro Detroit, Howell, Dexter, etc. I am looking for DCC events in your area. If not yet a member, please ask to join; your participation is welcomed. :) (Photo credit:

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Typical night out.

The DCC community has inspired me to create a blog. I would like to link to other blogs and podcasts; who am I missing??? Please include the links with your suggestions.

Here is my list so far:

People Them With Monsters
Basements and Drakes
Crawl! Fanzine
The Raskal RPG
Appendix M
Kill It With Fire DCC Posts
Raven Crowking's Nest
Tenkars Tavern
Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Zine/Kickassistan
Dead Cyclops
Lawful. Not Necessarily Good...
The Drain Chamber (art & crap)
Mystic Bull Games
Wrath of Zombie
Crawling under a Broken Moon Fanzine
Crawljammer Fanzine
Rumgecrawle (german)

Designers and Discourses
Iron Tavern
Save or Die!
We Hate Bards

The community page is up and running! Search "Mid-Michigan DCCRPG" in G+ and ask to join. Gives +1 to IRL encounters. 
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