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Just call me your Social Media Aspirin! I take the pain away.
Just call me your Social Media Aspirin! I take the pain away.

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If any of you live in an HOA or are thinking of buying in one, you need to watch this! Then share it with everyone you know.
Here I am on Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara discussing HOAs. Share this far and wide!

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A hugely valuable event for authors: The AuthorU Extravaganza. You should go!

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A good mantra to live by...

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Friends, I'd like to share a new author page for a colleague, Ward Lucas. If you are a Colorado native, you'll remember him from his days as an investigative reporter and news anchor. Now he's an author. He needs some circle friends!

What is so frustrating to me is that I desperately need to change which gmail account I have associated with G+ and it just won't let you. Argh.

So I just read you can buy a Starbucks coffee for a friend over Twitter! I'm @SocMediaMelody. For the record.

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I have to say I have so much gratitude that I can own a nice vehicle finally. I drove my last baby 14 years! Here's my husband and I with our new Acuras.

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I know, I know. I've got to be more active on here myself!

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I see it's #CoffeeThursday. That's my kind of day.

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Author and writer friends, this is a must-attend event!
Author U, Author YOU  at the Tattered Cover, LoDo in Denver this Saturday
I'ts summer time and the livin’ is easy … and many wait until the last minute to sign up for anything. It’s the last minute and we need to know if you will be attending the special
Author Shark Tank™ and Tattered Cover, LoDo event this Saturday from 1-4. Come and learn, laugh and schmooze…
We've got handouts to create and snacks to get. And get ready to do your pitch!
In a two part program, your will learn and experience:
1. The basics of Platform Building and the Book Game Plan, something every successful author and book has.
2. The Author Shark Tank™—pitch your book and concept to the Sharks. You get ninja coaching from the stage and the best pitch will win a few registration for September 6-7th.  
Space is limited, reserve your spot here to listen and possibly be in the Author Shark Tank: 
Want to be considered for the Author Shark Tank™? eMail Author U now (put Author Shark Tank in the subject line) … up to 10 names will be randomly selected for the experience:
Date and Time: Saturday, July 20, 2013 from 1 to 4 pm
Location: Tattered Cover, LoDo-1628 16th St., Denver, CO 80202
Cost: FREE
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