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For those who didn't get an update on what CM has announced. I'm happy to say that CM12.1 has moved out of the staging branch to "normal updating", all this means now is we should see nightlies from them but I am hoping PAC gets us a nightly for 5.1 out by June/July :P I am taking a guestimate on when PAC will launch 5.1 but this is really good news on CM's end as all ROM's will be able to start coding 5.1 for their ROMs. :) 

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For those interested in tracking your device's changes for CyanogenMod and all future updates, I've found this site for months now and it's come of great use. 

This is only one of the three ROM's that PAC merges changes from but I'd like you all to know that you can monitor all CM changes in plain english.

Out of curiosity what has happened to nightlies? Have they all stopped at March 27th, while we wait for PAC5.1?

One thing, +Ensar H. I am noticing speaker crackles on low and any volume setting when I play Candy Crush or videos, even ringtones for some reason still crackle and don't know what's going on :S Just wanted you to konw that this is an ongoing issue since the first nightly for PAC5.0

Well this just turned interesting, anyone experience random reboots on 20150315 nightly? I have HLTE. Just want some confirmation because I just got two today. 

Hey guys, I don't know if this is just me, but why the hell does Messaging keep spamming FC messages, every time I've updated using nightlies it FC"s another app, I think this should be called Spam of Death.

Does anyone know if nightlies are still beingg pushed for HLTE? I haven't seen anything lately and wanted to know if their was any progress on it? Been eager to try out PAC 5.0 for my HLTE D:
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