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Krist Novoselic
Play bass, finger style guitar, wonky transpartisan, fly a plane
Play bass, finger style guitar, wonky transpartisan, fly a plane

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My latest.

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THE POWER OF ASSOCIATION I: Book Review, The Inevitable Party
Seth E. Masket is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Denver. His new book is The Inevitable Party , a study of the consequences of anti-party laws in the United States.  Starting over 100 years ago, wou...

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Citizens United: The Real Story
FINANCE LAWS By Krist Novoselic The most
notorious Supreme Court ruling of recent times is 2010’s Citizens United v.
F.E.C. This ruling has captured many an imagination with the idea that the
Court turned somehow turned “corpo...

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Peaceful Resolution with Armed Dissent in the United States
Photograph of Geronimo, 1887 by Ben Wittick Militiamen taking over a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon has me thinking about violent political actions. I have been studying American Indian history and there are similarities with actions some Indians took a g...

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Don't beleive the hype with Citizens United v. F.E.C.
Smokescreens to my right and left. I
bet you’ve heard the slogan, “Let’s overturn Citizens United!” This is
telling people we need a constitutional amendment, or appoint new
justices, who will overrule 2010’s Citizens United v. F.E.C . ruling. Citizens U...

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A Brief History of Ranked Choice Voting
Party Machines Hated Proportional Representation (PR) Image from Kathleen Barber's Book Lawrence Lessig is trying to raise $1 million through crowdsourcing to run for president on a democratic reform platform. As of today, his
effort is halfway towards the ...

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Real Election Reform Enters The 2016 Election
I sent Lawrence Lessig's latest effort five dollars today. I did it because he is supporting proportional representation as part of his Citizens Equality Act. (He also links to FairVote , a reform group that I Chair) Lessig is right, the system is rigged—an...

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I'm clean cut these days.

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My Testimony in Olympia Supporting Options for Local Elections
I am testifying today in support of allowing local communities and jurisdictions the ability to move away from winner-take-all at large elections. This committee is considering districting as a way for localities to remedy possible issues with minority vote...
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