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Chris Cornell - a look back at some writing
Found out today the great and wonderful Chris Cornell passed away this morning Holy Fuck, Chris Cornell can really really sing. I like  Chris Cornell.   I like Soundgarden.  I wouldn't say I love either, but I definitely dig both.  Have seen Audioslave live...

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Pearl Jam at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The other evening, I got to watch Pearl Jam
get into the Jann Wenner’s rock and roll hall
of fame. It was a really special event for me, but it
took me a few days to figure out why.  As
you know, rock music is my thing.  I am a
scholar on every level of roc...

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Where do all the concert tickets go?
Wanna go see the big show?  You aren't going.  You can't get tickets.  NO ONE can get tickets. It has become almost impossible.  Here is how, and why, you will never get seats. Warning, this is a long and complex piece about a long and complex issue. Recent...

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chasing the dragon live - 2 rock concert experiences that changed my life
There were
two important events that happened to a very young Lono that pushed him to
spend his life chasing live rock and roll. 
The first – My first
concert was the Police.  It was their
farewell tour . I vaguely remember that being known or understood at...

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Finding Joseph i - a Bad Brains documentary... I think
This story has been leaking in
various media outlets about a new Bad Brains documentary or book. There
is truth to that. I have heard every variation in the last few months, but now
the story has emerged.  There is a new book that is specifically about HR,

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Thoughts on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Peace Prize
Hey all, sorry
for the late response.  I thought I had
posted something up about this.  Full disclosure
at the top of I this, I am nuts for Bob Dylan. 
I want to say ‘early Bob Dylan’, but need clarify.  When I say 
“early Bob Dylan”… that is not code for ‘...

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'Diversity' and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Team, this is another cross post.  it's here, because it is music related. It's on my main writing site , because music is everything.  It's rare, honest.  Maybe once every few years.  Really, you should be honored I write this as we
come off the official a...

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the worst man in the history of music
I have to
tell this quick story about Allen Klein.   Allen Klein was
a monster.   Just a piece of shit.   He is the guy who broke
up the Beatles , and stole the entire Rolling Stone’s catalogue. I am sure
there are many volumes of books dedicated to his imp...

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What’s your worst mondegreen?
I'll tell you mine.  Now, these aren't just mondegreens... these are deeply embarrassing and retroactively confusing mondegreens. I am not talking just mishearing a lyric in an innocuous way... I am talking about samsara through juice fires! Oh, a mondegree...
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